12 Tishrei 5780 | October 10, 2019
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High School
Parshas Ha'azinu
The high school new year started off with two unusual events, as we mourned…and celebrated. Mrs. Brenda Willner and Mrs. Yehudit Finegold offered poignant messages about Giveret Leah Steinhardt, A”H , whose sudden petira this past summer after decades of teaching and leading, has left a gaping void in school life. Mrs. Steinhardt was an unparalleled melumedes , who set the tone for highest learning standards and who deeply cared about her students. She will be long remembered… At the other extreme, we joyously celebrated the miraculous rescue of Tenth Grader, Leah Pretter from a near catastrophe this summer, as we welcomed her back to school with tefilah , song, and dance. Todah LaKeil !
Although the G.O. Opening Activity is scheduled to take place after the Yom Tov season, special assemblies and events have kept high school life quite busy during the beginning weeks of the school year:

Breakouts of the various high school clubs have been dotting the calendar. First G.O. , followed by G’mach – and congratulations to Mrs. Zehava Lefkovitz on joining Mrs. Malka Zweig as G’mach Co-advisor (and to G’mach on its exciting, new screen in the high school lobby!)– then G’dolei Yisroel , including a powerful message from Rabbi Shmuel Silber about how much we can gain by learning from the ways of our leaders. The Ninth Grade enjoyed an informal high school welcome with a surprise breakfast and game, and the Tenth grade soon followed with their version of the same. The spontaneous “ Geshmak ” evening activity brought out close to 200 students(!), eager to hear perspectives of Bais Yaakov alumnae on important life issues vis-à-vis Torah ideals.
The season's activities were capped by a stunning and captivating Yom Iyun before Yom Kippur on the theme "It's About Time." The Yom Iyun included guest speaker Mrs. Miriam Lapides , and featured choir, dance, and thought provoking workshops and activities.
Other events included a series of speakers to keep the Elul spirit vibrant in school. These included messages from Rabbi Avraham Schor , Rabbi Shrage Neuberger , our own Rabbi Shaul Engelsberg , Rabbi Akiva Feldman (to the twelfth grade), and Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig . A dramatic, professional quality video about the power of Rosh Hashana accompanied Rabbi Zweig’s tale of a sick woman, whose miraculous recovery was ascribed by her (non-Jewish) doctor, while unaware of the massive tefilos offered on her behalf, to “Divine Intervention.” Rabbi Yehoshua Shapiro , as well, is scheduled to deliver a short Succos message after Yom Kippur
Bais Yaakov High School takes pride in sharing the nachas of a letter received from Mrs. Brocha Goetz , Volunteer Coordinator for the Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister Program, of the Jewish Community Services:

Dear Rabbi Zweig and Mrs. Isbee,

I was just meeting with my supervisor and sharing with her how I don’t know how it’s possible, but each year, the Bais Yaakov Bigs just seem to get more and more amazing. They are so mature, wise, responsible, dedicated, and have such psychological understanding – it astounds me! This year’s crop of 15 BY Bigs who have begun serving as Big Sisters is absolutely outstanding, B”H! She told me to share my accolades with you, and thank you SO much for all that you do to encourage them to volunteer in this great program!

This year’s Big Sisters are: Shulamis Seidel, Sara Leah Klainberg, Meira Levi, Chana Goldman, Yael Englard, Chava Glickstein, Shoshana Meisler, Esti Chaiken, Libby Goldfeder, Ahuva Weg, Rivka Alyeshmerni, Chana Shayndel Leder, Shalva Rishe, Sima Goldman , and Elana Moinzadeh . Gems, BH!


Mrs. Bracha Goetz

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Oct 11  Succos Recess (School Closed)
Oct 24  School Resumes
October 7/ 8 Tishrei
לזכר נשמת
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Mrs. Esther Birnbaum A"H
-Yahrtzeit 7 Tishrei-

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