18 Kislev 5781 | December 3, 2020
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Middle School
Parshas Vayishlach
In commemoration of Rachel Imeinu’s Yahrtzeit, our Middle School girls learned about sensitivity to others. Mrs. Tova Wenger’s Fifth Grade Class preformed a heartfelt play for the other classes, and the Sixth Grade dedicated the month to this all important middah. A video surveying students and teachers about the application of sensitivity in their lives was followed by a journal activity where girls were asked to record one example of sensitivity each day. The Eighth Grade had a Yom Iyun on the topic of sensitivity where Mrs. Aviva Kraneis, a woman with a rare genetic disorder from that impacts the way she looks,  spoke from Eretz Yisroel about how important it is to be sensitive to others that are different from us. The message was reinforced by an entertaining game of “Deal or No Deal.” The overall goal of these programs is for each girl to become aware of the power she possesses to positively affect others with her kindness and sensitivity.
The month of Kislev came in with excitement as the girls began to prepare for Chanukah. On Rosh Chodesh, each class was divided into groups, and the girls went on a scavenger hunt to find colorful supplies. The supplies were used to make beautiful Chanukah posters that were creative and meaningful. The winners were treated to a special treat from G.O. 
Gemach has a committee that creates a beautiful bulletin board to adorn the Bikur Cholim room at Sinai Hospital. The bulletin board is not only decorative but serves as a reminder to the many people that utilize this room that our girls are thinking of them. 
The Annual Gemach Chanukah Toy Drive is in full swing with girls bringing in an array of toys and games to be donated to the Jewish Caring Network and Chai Lifeline. These toys will be distributed on Chanukah and throughout the year to the many families that benefit from these wonderful organizations.
The lessons are coming alive in the classroom as our teachers develop creative ways to enhance their curricula. Miss Sorala Lurie has been teaching about the physics of various types of waves. The girls made wave machines out of duct tape, skewers, and candy to demonstrate the characteristics of waves.
Mrs. Masha Schore held a cake decorating competition in her Seventh Grade English class. The girls were given supplies to decorate different cakes based on the novel they read, Paper Wishes

Families choose different times throughout the school year to show hakaras hatov, appreciation, to our daughters’ moros and teachers for the incredible work they do on behalf of our girls. To make it easier for those who would like to participate in a Chanukah group gift, we are including the link to the online forms below.

  • The Elementary School deadline is Friday, December 4th.
  • The Middle School deadline is Tuesday, December 15th.
  • The High School deadline is Thursday, December 17th.
Dec 10 Chanukah (MS & HS Early Dismissal)

Dec 11 - 14 Chanukah Recess 
(School Closed)

Dec 15 - 17 Chanukah
(MS & HS Early Dismissal)

Dec 25 Asara B'teves (Regular Sessions)
Nov 30/ 14 Kislev

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