16 MarCheshvan 5782 | October 21, 2021
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Middle School

Parshas Vayeira
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The Lower Middle School is full of positive energy with the brand new GEM (Growing Each Month) program. This year's theme, "Doubles - Two is Better than One," was broken out on the first Friday of school as the girls learned the GEM theme song with motions. After the assembly, the girls were surprised to find GEM magnets hanging on their lockers. In honor of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the girls were treated to a boat ride on the Inner Harbor and heard an inspirational story from Mrs. Tzippy Gottlieb. Hot dogs and “life preserver" donuts were sponsored by the BY PTA. The girls had a great time with their classmates and friends and look forward to a wonderful year. 
Sixth Grade is a critical year in the development of sixth graders as they grow into their role as a Bnos Mitzvah. The new Ashreinu program is designed to help each girl feel the passion and joy that comes along with understanding their integral roles in Klal Yisroel. The girls will be learning a new middah each month which will be introduced with a craft relating to the middah. Bags with the Ashreinu logo were distributed to the students. Each month the girls will have the opportunity to earn a new patch relating to the middah of the month.
Parsha Points is the new Fifth Grade parsha program that allows the girls to accrue a tremendous amount of general knowledge about the weekly parsha, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment. Each girl was given an index card box with sections that include: names, dates, places, topics, and middos. Cards are added weekly, to each section from the current parsha. The program includes many songs to help the students retain and master this information. 
The Upper Middle School G.O. broke out this year's theme, "Ablaze,” as the G.O. presidium drove up the parking lot in a mock fire truck. The girls debuted their new G.O. song and its motions on an outdoor stage. On the way back to class each girl was given a box of blazing Hot Tamales. In honor of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the G.O. took the Upper Middle School on a special ice-skating trip to "cool off" from the blazing ruach that fills our halls each day. The students had a great time ice skating with their friends. 
Each year the Gmach program aims to promote achdus, middos, and personal growth through school-wide programing, activities, and incentives. The Gmach presidium broke out this year's theme, Ta’amu U’reu - Savor the Flavor with Gmach '22, by distributing charm bracelets to each student. Each month, the girls will have the opportunity to earn new charms as they participate in the monthly Gmach challenges for character improvement. Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan was ushered in with a lively interactive program. The girls played a game alternating between recipes for cupcakes and "friendship," as they tried to guess the "missing ingredients." The program concluded with a special "treat" as four High School Seniors came to share their experiences on "friendship", and what they wish they would have known in Seventh and Eighth grade about making friends and being a good friend. The students gained tremendously from their insights! 
The Upper Middle School held their very first metric contest in honor of National Metric Day on October 10th. Each student was able to choose to create an original poster promoting the use of the metric system in everyday life, an original comic strip about the importance of the metric system, or a poster with the results of a survey across 50-100 students on what they know about the metric system. Girls were also asked for their opinion on whether the United States should join the rest of the world in using the metric system. The posters were presented to their Science teachers who chose the class winner. All class winners were then presented to Mrs. Horowitz who chose a winner for each grade. Congratulations to the 8th Grade winners: Racheli Nudell, first place, Tehilla Cohen, second place, and the 7th grade winners: Chava Pollack, first place, and Chani Simanowitz, second place. We would also like to acknowledge Shoshana Gross, Aidee MossChana Gittel NaimanYehudis Preiser, and Aliza Bracha Shulman who won the title of honorable mention. Thank you Mrs. Shari Rochkind for all her hard work launching this exciting new contest. 
Amid the hustle and bustle of pre-Yom Tov preparation, each grade created magnificent Sukkos projects for the girls to adorn their family sukkas. The week before Sukkos, music was playing in the Middle School halls as the girls worked on these beautiful projects. A big thank you to the BY PTA for your sponsorship. 
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