25 Iyar 5781 | May 6, 2021
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Parshas Behar Bechukosai

Exhibit Opening Night - This Sunday May 9th
Once again, Discovery sponsored its annual program of raising everyone’s awareness regarding the potential pitfalls connected with technology. Students made resolutions about what they considered reachable goals over the month of Nissan, in order to make personal advances against addictive habits we all develop in our associations with technology in its many forms. The program was capped off with individual students describing how they achieved success in reining in on some of their tech-related habits and what their efforts accomplished for them. Thank you to student presenters Adina Gross, Ahuva Rosenbum, Michal Meyers, and Dani Shnidman. The program culminated with the first formal gathering that involved the entire school, assembled outside, as we listened to a riveting inspirational message from Mrs. Jacquline Sova, a popular community figure who teaches at Beth Tfiloh and Bnos Yisroel. Mrs. Sova’s message about personal growth made a deep impression on her audience- as did the simcha(!) of finally joining together after a thirteen-month COVID generated hiatus. Congratulations to the four free-final winners: Ninth grade - Shoshana Jandorf, Tenth Grade - Hudi Sandhaus, Eleventh Grade - Brocha Gitty Kinzer, and Twelfth Grade - Zarie Wealcatch. A reward program for all who took the Discovery Challenge is still in the planning stages.
The Jewish world is reeling from the Meron catastrophe. At school, we said Tehillim on Friday for the injured survivors and curtailed the Lag Ba’Omer festivities. This tragedy muted the joyous nature of the day, but the students responded with resilience and heart. The Lag Ba’Omer G’mach sponsored Walk-a-thon raised over $5,000 for this year’s hachnosas kallah campaign and started off the day with G’mach’s focus on doing for others. Thank you G’mach, and thank you G.O.
The high school responded to the Meron tragedy on several levels. Rabbi Zweig dedicated time to the shocking event with a reading over the P.A. system of a moving letter written by Rabbi Eytan Feiner of the White Shul of Far Rockaway, New York to his kehillakaballos (resolutions) for personal betterment were accepted schoolwide, with suggested areas of personal improvement first introduced in Mrs. Nechama Green’s class and then circulated across the school…Rabbi Yosef Berger, member of the Bais Yaakov Va’ad HaChinuch, offered divrei hisorrerus (words of inspiration) in a Zoom message from the auditorium that inspired both students and teachers to take recent events to heart and to be conscious of the welfare of fellow Jews across the world. May Hashem have compassion on His beloved nation!
The time has finally arrived and we are “turning over,” as classrooms are being transformed into Exhibit rooms. Excitement is mounting as opening day is almost upon us. The extravaganza will bring student efforts over these many months to fruition. Possibly matching the nachas of the final product is the nachas of the great spirit of achdus and energy, especially during the final days of these preparations. May Hashem shine His countenance on the student efforts, guided by their dedicated teachers, as He has in the past. 
May 9 - Exhibit Opening Night
May 12 - Alumnae Shiur
May 17 - 18 - Shavous (School Closed)
May 31 - Memorial Day
(ES School Closed,
MS & HS Early Dismissal)
Limited Spots Still Available
May 4/ 22 Iyar

On the cusp of our daughter’s graduation,
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