26 Cheshvan 5781 | November 12, 2020
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Congratulations to Miriam Albert for achieving Commended Scholar status in the National Merit Scholarship Program, keeping up our school's enviable record of at least this level of achievement by one or more students almost annually. Keep up the good work!
Congratulations to Bais Yaakov High School 10th Grader Ayelet Friedman on her award winning entry “One People One Heart” in the “My 2020 Journey Writing Contest”, sponsored jointly by The Associated and the Baltimore Jewish Times. Thank you Ayelet for your beautiful thoughts so gracefully expressed in your piece. Keep up your exceptional writing talent!

Thank you to all the student club groups that have creatively forged ahead despite COVID restrictions-G.O., Discovery, and G'mach already in full motion, with Mishmeres, Gedolei Yisroel, and Taryag ready to make their debuts. Special thanks to our IT specialists for enabling us to have one grade distanced in the auditorium watching a live presentation, as the production is being streamed into the classroom of another grade- in addition to additional students Zooming from home. The amazing coordination involved in these and other feats leaves us all spellbound!

Notwithstanding the various limitations, G'mach has been able to launch several outreach projects, by phone, including, Adopt-A-Bubby, Homework Helpers, Book Buddies, "Partners In Torah" with uninitiated children, and Malkas Tehillim, as well as errands for seniors in person and the soon to be published G'mach’s very own newspaper. Such an impressive list, covering virtually all age groups- thank you G’mach!
This past Motzoei Shabbos our school was alight with happy faces and busy heads; Exhibit 2021 has begun to transform our school! More significantly, it transforms each and every person involved. The fun, the problem solving, the creativity, the comradery building-this is the crux of exhibit. The room heads through their extensive research are converting the history they have learned into projects and depictions one can see. While observing social distancing and wearing masks may be an unforeseen quirk in the exhibit preparations, each student is rising to the occasion, allowing the unplanned to help them hone new skills and gain maturity. Exhibit is made up of hundreds of stories, thousands of friendships, millions of memories, and one larger than life concept: Unity.
Nov 16 HS Parent Teacher Conferences
(Early Dismissal)

Nov 17 MS Parent Teacher Conferences
(Early Dismissal)

Nov 23 MS Parent Teacher Conferences
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Nov 24 HS Parent Teacher Conferences
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Nov 26 Thanksgiving Vacation
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Nov 10/ 23 Marcheshvan

As a Zechus Refua Shleima for
Chana Leah Bas Yacha

Sponsored by
The Raider Family
Brooklyn, NY
Nov 9/ 22 Marcheshvan

In Memory of 
Bracha Bassheva (Singer) Barenbaum A"H

Sponsored by
Rabbi Yosef and Rochel Singer
Chaim and Malky Wecker
Moish and Tzipora Plotnik
Nov 6/ 19 Marcheshvan

In Memory of
Leah Bas Menachem Mendel

Sponsored by
Rabbi Mendel and Chani Wax
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