21 Adar 5781 | March 4, 2021
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Upper Elementary
Parshas Ki Sisa

The entire Elementary School enjoyed so much Purim fun leading up to the celebration of this treasured Yom Tov. We are grateful to Mrs. Ruchama Landa for energizing the school throughout the week with the fun trampoline activities. The faculty and staff express a tremendous amount of hakaras hatov to the community for valuing the relationship parents, and stakeholders show our teachers over Purim through kind wishes and sending Mishloach Manos. These gestures are certainly valued.
The Fourth Grade celebrated the culmination of their first semester's book club with a hot cocoa party! Each student read at least five books for the book club over the first half of the year. At the party, each girl decorated a cup and enjoyed delicious hot cocoa. Depending on how many books each girl read, more embellishments were added to the hot cocoa - whipped cream, marshmallows, and a pastry for girls who read more than five books. There were also prizes for the girls that read the most books in each class and a raffle for all other girls. We are very proud of our fourth graders for reading so many books, and we are looking forward to the next book club party!
With the simcha, joy, of the month of Adar in the air, Morah Hinde Neuman's class 4C felt very fortunate to enjoy their tzedaka celebration. Each day that every girl brought in tzedaka, Morah Neuman would decorate their class pushka with a pretty gem. Once the outside of the pushka was filled with gems they would celebrate with a grand event. This month they reached their goal! The girls collaborated to prepare the food, decor and even put on a delightful performance. Chayala Spero's father, Rabbi Yechiel Spero, joined the celebration and shared a special message and story about the importance of helping others. To date, the class collected over $150 for tzedaka. What an inspiration!
Morah Ruchie Rubin's Class 4G applied their safah (language) skills to learn and prepare for Purim this year. The students performed a beautiful play on the Purim story with confidence and joy. The scripts and songs were mainly in Ivrit, and the girls really understood the meaning as they engaged in dialogue in their shpiel! The girls' mothers joined us as the students performed the skit with professionalism. By acting in front of their peers and sharing the video with their families, these lessons are bound to remain with the girls forever.

Here is a testimonial from one proud parent:
"A huge hakaras hatov shout out to Morah Rubin for this Purim play. The excitement the girls feel is palpable, and it is really bringing out such a wonderful side of achdus as the girls practice together on the phone. Michal's Ivrit knowledge is strengthened through memorizing the Hebrew script and her excitement of the Purim story is felt on another level. Thank you for supporting and encouraging Morah Rubin to go through with the play, despite the challenging year we are going through." 
-- Shira Malachevsky
On Wednesday, February 17th, our Elementary School students celebrated the 100th day of school. Each of the seven Fourth Grade classes prepared an activity for the school's other grades and classes to enjoy on this day. Activities included creating posters showing what '100' looks like, 100 reasons we are grateful, a special song with motions, 10x10 exercises, and one class read a story about the 100th day, too. Another class decorated letters to form the phrase "Don't just count the days, make each day count!" which is now decorating the hallway reminding us to make the most of every day!
The Third Grade made their first siyum this year on Parshas Vayera. Each class enjoyed a fun time reviewing the stories and lessons of the Parsha. The girls made plays, posters and enjoyed many treats that they brought in, each relating to one of the ideas of the Parsha.
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