11 Sivan 5782 | June 9, 2022
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Middle School

Parshas Naso
Our Eighth Grade Robotics Club earned Second Place in their first Robotics Tournament which took place in Long Branch, New Jersey! Our students competed with poise and confidence as they maneuvered their robots on the playing field. Besides showing off their impressive STEM skills, they had a chance to shine in another important area. During a tense moment of the tiebreaker match, the judges made a decision that did not go in their favor. One of our students responded by turning to her teammates and saying, “let’s just be good sports.” This was definitely a sweet moment that spoke very loudly about our Bais Yaakov students. A profound hakaras hatov to Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg and Mrs. Miriam Schechter for all the hard work they invested in this program. 
Lag Ba’Omer in the Middle School was packed with excitement! The day kicked off with a bonfire and inspirational kumzitz with Mrs. Ruchama Landa. The girls then participated in a walk-a-thon to benefit the Jewish Caring Network in which they raised over $7,500! Thank you to Mrs. Grace Weissmann and Mrs. Shuli Frand for organizing the event. While the Lower Middle School enjoyed a barbecue picnic on the field, the Upper Middle School had the privilege of hearing divrei chizuk from Rav Shragi Neuberger shlit”a about the avodas hayom of Lag Ba’omer, which is to think about others. They also had a delectable waffle breakfast and a riveting escape room. Kudos to Mrs. Miriam Mellman and Mrs. Gitti Horowitz for all their help in arranging the festivities. 
It is hard to describe the feeling in the room at the Seventh Grade Eretz Yisroel Fair. It was really something to behold. Topics ran the gamut including Meron, Israeli inventions, and Rebbetzin Kanievsky A”H. Each project rekindled a strong connection to Eretz Yisroel and a desire to be there. Our students proudly made their presentations which were quite impressive. Hats off to Mrs. Rivka Rothman, Mrs. Grace Weissmann, and Miss Shayndel Green for an outstanding job
It was a beautiful kiddush Hashem as our entire Middle School gathered together for an assembly to meet Avichai Koch, a farmer from Eretz Yisroel who is a true gibor koach, as he observes the mitzvah of Shmittah. Besides for the mesiras nefesh to keep shmittah, Avichai spoke about the challenge of owning a farm that is four miles from Gaza. Footage of rockets falling near his greenhouse left an indelible impact on our students. Avichai also shared beautiful stories of how he personally saw the hand of Hashem sustaining him during the shmittah years that he has kept. 
Our Eighth Grade was treated to a yom iyun in preparation for Shavuos. Mrs. Chana Bilek joined us and shared her personal journey to Judaism. She encouraged the girls to appreciate how fortunate we are to have the Torah and to develop a personal connection to Hashem. The girls then proceeded to make beautiful and original “napkin flowers” to adorn their tables over Yom Tov. The program ended with an interactive game. Thank you to Mrs. Shuli Frand for arranging the beautiful program. 
Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg organized a beautiful celebratory dinner for the Yearbook Committee. Mrs. Goldberg thanked each girl individually and highlighted their contributions throughout the year which made the yearbook a huge success. Rabbi Frohlich reminisced about his own yearbook and shared some reflections about the impact of having a yearbook. 
An exciting program for the Seventh Grade took place K’ish Echad B’lev Echad, Together as One! Our guest speaker, Mrs. Zahava Lefkovitz, encouraged the girls with a five-point program on looking for the good in others and working together. The girls played a lively game where they chose a chessed to do for a friend while listening to a story about kindness. Every student who completed her chessed was rewarded with a special Erev Shabbos treat. The final part of the program included 130 girls working together on a magnificent bulletin board, made of cut CDs, on the theme of the day - Together as One! The bulletin board hangs on the third floor of our building and the girls are extremely proud of their masterpiece. Additionally, waffle cups filled with ice cream and toppings were enjoyed by all. This event was truly filled with achdus, talent and loads of fun! Thank you to Mrs. Nusy Lefkowitz for arranging this beautiful program!
We want our students in the Lower Middle School to understand that every single student plays an important role in our school. At a recent Sixth Grade assembly, the theme, “I Count, You Count, We Count” combined the ideas of counting towards Matan Torah together with the sefira focus of bein adam l'chaveiro, how we relate to each other. The assembly began with each girl identifying her strengths (I Count), followed by an activity recognizing the positive strengths of each girl in the homeroom (You Count). Finally, the girls learned the power of coming together and what could be achieved when everyone works in unity, by assembling trifles in an assembly line (We Count). One class enhanced the assembly by creating a beautiful backdrop, original centerpieces, and a meaningful song dance.
A truly festive time was had during the recent end-of-year grade trips. The Fifth Grade attended the Maryland Science Center, and had a picnic lunch at historic Fort McHenry while the Sixth Grade had a great time roller skating. The Seventh Grade headed to Annapolis, MD where they had a tour of the Naval Academy, followed by a boat ride and bowling, ending with a delicious barbeque. Our Eighth Grade challenged themselves to build endurance and teamwork at the Adventure Park Ropes Course. The culmination of the trip was a deluxe barbeque and inspiring kumzitz around the fire with teachers and friends. A special thank you to the PTA for their generous sponsorships.
6/12 - 4th Grade Program
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