9 MarCheshvan 5782 | October 14, 2021
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Upper Elementary

´╗┐Parshas Lech Lecha
With Yom Tov coming at the start of the school year, we had much to do and little time to accomplish. This did not deter the classes from learning about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkos. In the Fourth Grade, many of our moros designed interactive stations to explore the minhagim, names, and many other elements of Rosh Hashana. The students have so much fun learning collaboratively. Of course, every student also came home with a unique Sukkos project.
Each year, the entire Elementary School joins together to learn about a specific theme or middah. Under the leadership of Mrs. Judy Neuberger, this year's theme is "Emuna" Belief in Hashem. The whole school gathered together to learn the theme song, motions, and brief description of the importance of Emuna. We were fortunate to hear from Rebbetzin Baila Berger, who inspired every one of the students and teachers to feel special about our connection to Hashem.
The Upper Elementary is piloting a Yedias Haparshios program this year. Our goal is for the girls to be taught and quizzed on the same fundamental questions starting from second grade and moving into Middle School. Beginning with Parshas Noach, the third and fourth students are given lists of questions and extra credit to help instill a fluency in the weekly parsha, a love of Torah, and a pride of how much they know.
The summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying fun times with family and friends. It is also important to keep up with our academic work. Throughout the summer, girls were able to earn prizes for the General Studies packets they completed. This week, Mrs. Chaya Hoffman distributed prizes to all students who completed their avodas kayitz.
On Rosh Chodesh MarCheshvan, the Third and Fourth Grade students returned to the auditorium and joined together to sing Hallel. Morah Hindy Neuman's class 4C put on a delightful performance on the bracha of geshem, rain. Everyone enjoyed being able to learn and daven together.
Our Third Grade Reading Group classes spend time learning various comprehension strategies throughout the year. This month, the classes focused on the concept of Schema. Schema is the background or prior knowledge that a reader brings to the text that will allow her to connect with what she is reading. This prior knowledge helps the new ideas stick to our brains. The girls loved learning about how things stick, to build a better understanding.
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