12 Cheshvan 5780 | October 29, 2020
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Upper Elementary
Parshas Lech Lecha
Sunday, November 22, 2020
Not just an auction... It's so much more!
In preparation for Sukkos, each grade prepared beautiful projects to enhance the Yom Tov. The Fourth Grade had a special opportunity to engage in a beautiful art project led by our very own master art instructor, Morah Debby Weintraub. Morah Debby guided each student to paint a beautiful, waterproof picture to adorn her sukkah. When we moved to distance learning following Yom Kippur, Morah Debby spent time preparing individual paint containers for each student who did not complete the project and then prepared a video lesson so that every girl would be able to have this special project! We thank the PTA for sponsoring the cost of the Yom Tov projects for all the Elementary grades.
There are few things more inspirational than to see the niflaos haborei outdoors. The Park Heights campus is vibrant with beautiful Fall foliage to enjoy all around the campus. Our Third Grade homeroom classes enjoy their time outside observing the natural habitat to reinforce their Science unit on Living Things. The Fourth Grade reading groups spent lots of time observing the outdoors in their recent nature walks. They took note of their observations and set the ideas into wonderful fall paragraphs. 
The Fourth Grade Reading groups began their annual Book Clubs. Each student is given an incentive to read and report on the plot, characters and basic summary of the story or information they learned. The teachers began with a short skit encouraging participation in this fun and motivationally filled program that encourages reading for all students.
Our schoolwide program began this week with a fantastic assembly led by Morah Judy Neuberger, Mrs. Liora Rosen and Mrs. Chaya Hoffman. The theme this year is “Gam Zu L’Tovah: It’s All Good.” The girls were able to listen to Morah Neuberger introduce the program and listen to a great story from Morah Ruchie Rubin and then learn the new theme Song and motions. We are mispallel that this theme will help direct our attention to how every event in our world is All Good! We look forward to sharing much more about the lessons and activities that will follow. The program is being sponsored L’iluy Nishmas Yehoshua HaLevi Ben Yitzchok, A”H.

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Congratulations to the Herman and Parnes Families on winning the PTA Raffle.
*Did you know that the PTA Provides crucial funding for the following:
Elementary School - Library books, Science Program, Lag Ba'omer programs, Yom Tov projects, Grade wide trips, Birthday pins, Summer homework prizes, School wide Middos Program...and More!
Middle School - Library books, Nursing Home Trips, Purim Chagiga, Yom Tov projects...and MORE!
High School - Library books, Technology Program Trip, Read-A-Thon... and MORE!
Nov 3 Professional Day Cancelled
Nov 4 ES Parent Teacher Conferences
9 Cheshvan / October 27

With Hakoras Hatov to the Hanhala and staff
for all their efforts and l'zchus refus
and yeshuos for Klal Yisroel

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8 Cheshvan / October 26

As a Zechus Refuah Shleimah for
Rebbetzin Aviva Weisbord
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