24 Sivan 5781 | June 3, 2021
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Middle School

Parshas Shelach
V’ahavta L’rayacha Kamocha was the theme in this year’s Lag Ba’omer festivities. G.O. and G’mach worked together to make sure that the activities ran smoothly. Lag Ba’omer started Thursday night with a magnificent bonfire, story-telling, and uplifting singing that unfortunately, was rained out halfway through. The rain did not damper the excitement that spilled over to Friday however, as the girls were treated to a delicious brunch, relay races, and trampoline dancing. There was also a walk-a-thon with proceeds going to the Jewish Caring Network.
As B’nei Yisroel counted the auspicious days leading up to Z’man Matan Torasainu, the Middle School was busy preparing for this special Yom Tov as each grade created a unique project highlighting the beauty of Shavuos.

The Fifth Grade made beautiful hanging flower balls, while the Sixth Grade used alcohol ink to make one-of-a-kind glass serving plates for the Yom Tov table. The Seventh Grade let their creativity flow as they decorated flower cookies and the Eighth Grade hand-painted shot glasses to use for kiddush on Shavuos. Each girl took home a gorgeous project and the message of the importance of enhancing each Yom Tov.
Each Fifth Grader wrote a “process essay” and displayed it on a poster instructing visitors how to make their project, craft, or food for their How-To-Fair. The Fourth Grade enjoyed their visit to the Middle School and the How-To-Fair. The Fifth Graders did an outstanding job and were very proud of their work. 
The Sixth Grade has been eagerly preparing for their annual Bas Mitzvah Celebration set to take place this Sunday evening in the M. Leo Storch High School Auditorium. The girls have been practicing all year for this auspicious occasion. Due to Covid restrictions, a video was created in place of the usual Bas Mitzvah play. Additionally, each class will sing a song about their assigned middah. The girls also made beautiful centerpieces to be displayed on the tables. This special Mother-Daughter event is sure to inspire everyone, as we welcome the girls into their new role as b'nos mitzvah
The exquisite Seventh Grade Eretz Yisroel Fair was the culmination of months of hard work and research that took visitors on a journey through the streets, along the mekomos hakedoshim, and into the heart of Eretz Yisroel. Each girl had a chance to experience the different flavors and the rich history that contributes to the uniqueness of the land. The girls researched their topics in groups and created impressive displays mirroring their research, as they learned about the chashivus of Eretz Yisroel.
This year, the Eighth Grade had a grand night activity. The theme, “V’at alis al kulana,” from Eishes Chayil, was put into play as the students discovered what it means to “Fly Higher and Higher” in spiritual growth. Each girl decorated her own ceramic plate with a butterfly motif. They also played a fun, interactive game of Family Feud and decorated a stunning mural - their parting gift to the Middle School. The mural was created as is a symbolic gesture of the girls’ flight from Middle School to High School where they will continue to grow in their own way. We are so proud of how much they have each grown and look forward to seeing them continue to reach new heights. 
June 6 - 6th Grade Bas Mitzvah Dinner
June 8 - HS Graduation
June 13 - 4th Grade Program
June 15 - Last Day of Preschool
June 16 - Last Day of School
  • 12 PM ES Early Dismissal
  • 11:30 AM MS & HS Early Dismissal
June 3/ 23 Sivan

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June 3/ 23 Sivan

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