6 Elul 5776 / September 8, 2016                                     Parshas Shoftim
Our first week back was a great success!!
Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of the Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter
Dear Friends,

We hope you and your families had a restful and fulfilling summer. 

As Bais Yaakov enters and celebrates its 75 th year of providing excellence in education, we are proud to present this first issue of the Bais Yaakov e-newsletter.  It is our hope that it will provide you with a window into the excitement and wonderful happenings going on at Bais Yaakov throughout the year.

Our inspired and wonderfully talented Principals, Coordinators, Moros and Teachers are committed to providing our students with a comprehensive Torah and General Studies education.  Truthfully, only an actual visit to either school campus will help one appreciate the sights and sounds of Bais Yaakov.  While pictures and words can only accomplish so much in this regard, it is our goal to have you share in the nachas and growth of our students throughout the year, by way of the e-newsletter.  In addition, school calendar items and other relevant information will be included.

With the beginning of this school year, there are now four divisions within Bais Yaakov: Lower Elementary School, Upper Elementary School, Middle School and High School.  Until after Sukkos, the weekly newsletter will include news and information from all divisions within the school.  Following the Yomim Tovim, each issue of the weekly newsletter will be dedicated to one of the four divisions, on a rotating basis.  Using this schedule, over the course of a four week period, each division will have been featured in its own monthly newsletter.

As of now, parents will only receive those e-newsletters issued by the division(s) in which they have daughters.  If there is interest in receiving other newsletters, or if you would like to have us include someone not yet on our email list, please contact us at enewsletter@baisyaakov.net or call the Development Office at (410) 363-3300 ext. 9502.
B'ezras Hashem, we look forward to sharing the Bais Yaakov e-Newsletter throughout the year, so that parents, grandparents, friends, and supporters can read all about the wonderful things taking place at our Bais Yaakov.   

Rabbi Aaron Gross
Director of Development


For centuries, Klal Yisroel has upheld the critical relationship between Torah learning and its support through the Parnas Hayom model of sponsorship, in which individuals share in the merit created by Torah study.  Together, Torah and Tefilla have always been the tried and true methods through which to invoke Divine assistance.  Bais Yaakov is proud to continue this longstanding tradition, by offering the opportunity to dedicate our students' daily davening and learning.

Sponsorship of a "Day's Davening and Learning" is a most appropriate way to mark a Yahrtzeit or another meaningful specific date.  Additional possibilities or occasions include when there is a need for Refua Shleima or the celebration of a Simcha.

The sponsorship of the day will be prominently displayed and publicly announced to students at Bais Yaakov.  In addition, an email announcement will be sent out to the community prior to the start of the school day.

To Sponsor a Day of Davening & Learning  please contact Rabbi Gross at 410-363-3300 ext. 9511 or  ragross@baisyaakov.net

Sept 13  HS Parent Orientation
Sept 14  MS "Back to School" Night
Sept 30 ES PTA Pizza Day
Don't forget to fill out the PTA's online Membership and Pizza Online Form

Sept 8  Shloshim of Roni Charme, a''h
 הבחור אהרן חיים בן שלמה מרדכי ע"ה
           Sponsored by 
           The Charme Family
Sept 9 Refua Shleima for  Coby Rosemore
חיים יעקב  ד וד בן אביגיל נ"י                 
            Sponsored by 
           Rabbi & Rebbetzin Shmuel Silber

To Sponsor a 
Day of Davening & Learning 
please contact Rabbi Gross at 
410-363-3300 ext. 9511 or ragross@baisyaakov.net