MARCH 19, 2020
Dear Baker families, 

How are you? You’ve been on my mind and in my heart this week. We are in the midst of a rather big transformation of our daily routines, work lives, and family interactions. As a species, quick adaptability is not always our forte. So, I’m hoping that you are giving yourself grace and extending it to those in your life. In sum, I am hoping that in the midst of working, parenting, feeding the children, walking the dog, taking a work call, and managing the cycle of news, that you are finding time to take care of your own spirit. Remember this will not go perfectly, but we will - in partnership - make it through what is a difficult time in the life of our community, country, and world.  Thank you to Julie Toole who created this beautiful piece (pictured) for our community as an encouragement. 
Jordan Grumet, Baker parent and physician, and I have been recording a podcast, the K-8 Collaborative, which you can subscribe to on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts. The third episode, Parenting through the Coronavirus , focuses on the coronavirus and the changes it is making in our lives and the ways we, as parents, might best parent through this pandemic. I hope that it can be a support to you in the important care you are providing children during this time. 

I’m grateful for you, for the Baker community and for the support and care that you are providing our whole Baker team and each other, particularly during this challenging time. We have included a note from our social worker, Cynthia Eudy, with some helpful coping strategies. And, below that, enjoy a few light-hearted moments from teachers and students.

We will be sending a separate update on our anticipated continuation of e-learning after Spring Break.

Carly Andrews
Head of School
A Note from Social Worker, Cynthia Eudy
Dear Families, 

In the past week, we have all had to adjust to new schedules, routines, and may have been put in situations that are out of our comfort zones. Needless to say during these times emotions can run high for everyone. Although many of us may struggle with feeling confined and isolated in our homes, we are not alone! In my time at Baker, I have come to realize Baker Demonstration is not just a school, it is a community. During this period of uncertainty, let’s instead use it as an opportunity to thrive. Let’s show other communities how we do this “Baker Style”. How can we support our parents, teachers, students and our neighborhoods during this period? Studies, like this one, show helping others also helps ourselves.

When I first started working at Baker in August, I told the staff I was not only here to support the students socially and emotionally, but I was also here to support the entire community. Please feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions, concerns, or ideas. I may not have all the answers but I promise I will work diligently to find the support each and everyone of you needs. We will get through this...together. 

Take care and be well,
Cynthia Eudy, LCSW

Here are some of my favorite coping strategies. Let me know how they work for you.

  • Meditate - There are great apps for children and adults but it takes practice so start today. Enjoy this Guided Meditation with Ms. Nichola, PKB Associate Teacher, perfect for the whole family. (Apps - Calm, Headspace, Mindfulness)

  • Exercise - Get those natural endorphins flowing. (Take a walk, bike ride, yoga)

  • Re-Frame your thoughts - Take those negative thoughts (i.e “I can’t do this on my own” to “This is going to be challenging but I will do my best”)

  • Identify your “Circle of Control” - Accept what is out of our control and change what is in our control. Accepting does not mean liking or enjoying things out of your control, it is just accepting those things as they are. 

  • Cold Water - When times are most challenging many people describe their body as feeling hot. Take a cold shower, rinse your face with cold water or put a cold rag on your neck. This temperature change immediately calms the nervous system and allows for clear thinking.

  • Count different colors, numbers or items in a room. If you’re feeling panicked, this can be a way to ground yourself and manage distress and anxiety while also not checking out.

  • Listen to positive Podcasts. I love this one for kids and they can send non-screen activities to go along with each podcast.

  • Distractions - Watch a movie, do an art project, solve a puzzle. Get your mind off the worrisome thoughts and feelings and pay attention to something different. 

Here is a great video on how to talk to your kids about COVID-19. 
Seen and Heard During e-Learning
We have been hearing many fun anecdotes from teachers, parents and students as we began e-learning. A special highlight for our students seems to be getting to see the inside of our teacher's homes and special apperances from their pets! If you are willing to share photos from your family, you can either DM a photo on Instagram to @bakerdemschool or email Rachel Yantis. Obviously, only share photos if you are okay with them being shared (without names) on social media or in the Bulletin.
Student Photo of the Week

by Heidi, Grade 6