A Message from Chris Snyder, Principal

January 22, 2021
Dear Bakie Families,

The staff and students seem to have settled into a new routine and I thank everyone for their continued patience. Please read the two updates below about bus transportation, math instruction, and Unified Arts below.

Bus Transportation and Physical Distancing Guidelines for COVID
When we successfully returned to in-person classes in October, families were asked to transport their children to and from school as much as possible to lower the amount of exposure on the bus. This practice reassured numerous parents that their children would be safe during the ride to and from school. 

As cases rise in the state, we are also seeing a rise in the number of students taking the bus to and from school. We have recently had several cases of COVID in the district, and bus ridership is a significant area of concern when contact tracing. Bus capacity needs to be kept low, since we cannot extend the size of the bus to accommodate distancing. 

We are again asking families to transport their children to and from school as much as possible to lower the amount of exposure on the buses. Salter Transportation is reworking their routes to help us reduce the number of students on buses, but they also need to keep the rides to a manageable length of time. 

With spring and vaccines around the corner, we hope this situation is short-lived, and we really need your help so that we can continue to keep our students safe.

Math Program Pilot:
The Sanborn Regional School District is currently looking for a new math program that will better meet the needs of our learners. Part of this work includes having teachers and students in grades K-6 try some lessons from potential programs so that the Math Committee can learn how the program works for teachers and students. These lessons will be piloted starting next week, and students may be using some new materials in their classes. We look forward to making a decision on our new math program and having a proposal to the EISA subcommittee in the spring.

Unified Arts For Students Who Need Quarantine:
If your child needs to quarantine because of a close contact or travel outside of New England they will access all core subjects (math, reading, writing, science, social studies) through their classroom teacher's SeeSaw or Google Classroom pages. 

All Unified Arts classes can be accessed through the following links:


We would prefer that students choose the Unified Arts class they would be receiving if they were in-person at school. Please note these classes are not live and do not require the student to attend through Zoom or Google Meet. If you have any questions, please contact your child's classroom teacher.


Chris Snyder,