It's the season to stir some sweet, seductive canned Pacific Northwest Bartlett pears into baked goods. Tell us your best idea or send us your favorite recipe for a chance to win a pear oven mitt AND a $50 Amazon gift card. One (1) winner will be chosen in a random drawing. Enter by emailing your menu idea or recipe to One (1) entry per person, please. We'll enter your name twice if you include a photo. Please submit your entry no later than October 31, 2016. Your idea may be featured in a future newsletter or on our website!
Find inspiration from our bakery creations, such as Pear and Banana Oatmeal Cereal Bars, Pear-Cran-Bran Muffins, and Breakfast Pear Empanada.
Each year, as summer winds down, Pacific Northwest Bartlett pear growers and canners join forces to bring you top quality canned pears. The pear's trip from the tree to the can is an annual ritual that begins with field supervisors and growers determining when the fruit is ready to pick. All pears grown for commercial sale are harvested when mature, not ripe. Pears for canning ripen in specialized ripening rooms before they are sorted, peeled, cored and halved. The pear halves are sorted, with perfect halves proceeding direct to canning, while not-so-perfect halves are sliced and diced. The pear slurry is saved for pear concentrate, and any non-useable product is collected for animal feed. Let's celebrate the sustainable USA-grown canned pear industry!

To boost fruit consumption and encourage clean plates, start with USA-grown canned pears-a recipe-ready ingredient that kids like. Find delicious ways to feature Pacific Northwest Canned Pears on your menu this December, during National Pear Month at Try the BBQ Pork and Pear Slaw Sandwich or Pear and Cheese Meal in a Muffin.    
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Purchase Pacific Northwest Canned Pears for school foodservice menus and redeem your points for hundreds of great rewards for your school. Only USA-grown and processed canned pears qualify. Find out how at