March 22, 2019
Major policy change – like any dessert recipe – is often revised and tweaked with a pinch less of this and a dash more of that. A tasty proposal by Governor Hogan to fast-track school construction funding has since evolved into a multi-ingredient offering passed by the House. Now, that bill – with its newly pre-sliced “pie” of funding by county – sits in the Senate committee, awaiting a new hearing and debate from that chamber. Will this historic commitment and re-thinking of school construction make it to the dinner table? Or is the recipe… not quite right?

Conduit Street Podcast Corner:
On the latest episode of the Conduit Street Podcast, Michael Sanderson and Kevin Kinnally discuss the latest news and notes from Annapolis, including the status of the "Fight for Fifteen" minimum wage bill, the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a proposal to abolish the Handgun Permit Review Board, school funding, school construction, and intriguing language in the Senate's version of the 2019 Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act "BRFA."
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Counties in Action
County Executive Elrich and County Council visit the Islamic Center of Maryland in Gaithersburg
Queen Anne's
Queen Anne's Seniors spend the day in Annapolis with Delegate Steve Arentz and Delegate Jay Jacobs
St. Mary's
St. Mary's Dept. of Aging and Human Services hosts Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Banquet

Corporate Partner Corner
Wellpath Offers Medical and Behavioral
Healthcare for Local Governments
Wellpath , a  Bronze Corporate Partner , offers solutions for medical and behavioral healthcare. It has a division just for Local Government that specializes in county jails and other community facilities.

Wellpath is the brand name under which Correct Care Solutions (CCS) and Correctional Medical Group Companies (CMGC) provide comprehensive medical and behavioral health services to more than 300,000 patients through a family of local providers in local, state and federal correctional facilities and state hospitals, forensic treatment, and civil commitment centers. It believes in transforming public health by delivering hope and healing to those who need it most. It treats its patients with the dignity and compassion they deserve because it cares about them as human beings .

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