Balance Wellness Studio + Golden Isles Mindful Movement

Combined Class Schedule Begins Sunday, April 7
Class Passes from Either Studio Apply

Expanding Community!
Balance Wellness Studio and Golden Isles Mindful Movement are pleased to present an expanded and combined schedule of mindful movement classes in our St. Simons and Brunswick studios. Our goal is to bring you a variety of yoga, barre, and fitness classes with more options for time, location, and instructors with the convenience of a single class pass.

The new schedule and class pass transition begin today, Sunday, April 7. The payment transition is going to take a little bit of patience, so please bear with us as we work our way through. While online sign-ups are still available, they'll be a little confusing for this first month or two. Therefore, we will be using a paper sign-in sheet as back up to ensure that each student gets the most value out of their existing class passes. Here are the basics:

  • New students should purchase passes at the Balance website or Mindbody App to sign-up and attend classes at either location.
  • Students with existing Golden Isles Mindful Movement Passes (only) AND attending class taught by Bess or Janita should sign-in on the GIMM website or Mindbody app to use their GIMM pass.
  • Students with existing GIMM passes (only) wishing to attend classes at GIMM taught by other instructors or classes offered at Balance on SSI should use the Balance website or MindBody app to register for class as "unpaid." We will reconcile these after the fact.
  • Students with only Balance Wellness Studio Passes should use the Balance website or Mindbody App to register for classes at either location.
  • Students with existing passes for both studios, should use their GIMM passes first (and follow the procedures above for registering for class).
  • If a student has a GIMM pass and an unlimited Balance pass, we will extend the time of the Balance pass one day per class remaining on the GIMM pass.
  • Shared passes do not apply to dance classes at Golden Isles Ballet.

If this is all too confusing, just drop-in to class, sign-in on the paper roster, indicate which class pass you have, and we'll take care of it for you!