The new and improved 2016 newsletter that you can read on your phone. Filled with a little motivation, things to do, team news and pictures and of course who is racing and how they did!
Athlete of the month:

Brendaly Cintron

Somehow Brendaly managed to avoid being captured covered in mud at the Winter Challenge which in itself is a talent! 

Let me tell you a little bit about WHY I have chosen her as athlete of the month. Mainly because she has been working hard on changing her habits from how she is training to what she is eating. She is consistent, even if she misses a workout she knows that her week isn't over and it hasn't ruined her. She isn't afraid of taking risks. 6 weeks ago I don't think Brendaly had ever been on a mountain bike, but she learned how. She took a few spills but did not let that stop her from going to the race and having fun. She knows that this fitness journey takes time and will have frustrating moments but also times of complete happiness because she just accomplished something big. As for many triathletes swimming provides her biggest challenge but with her work ethic and dedication she will learn to LOVE to swim and she will learn to swim well.

Next time you see Brendaly at a race welcome her to the team and offer some encouragement. Parris Island will be her first sprint!
Note from the coach

It seems to be inevitable that whenever one thing in life is going well that s omething else is not. If my training going well, then my house is a disaster. If my work is going well, then I am usually skipping my training. If meals are cooked then the dogs did not get exercised (there is alwa ys a price to pay for that one). If the house is cleaned maybe I missed out on time playing with Keene. The list is endless. As a type "A" with undiagnosed OCD I constantly am striving to do it all and have everything be "perfect". Not that anything would be any different in life or training if I did actually, by some miracle, do it all. I think sometimes I miss out on the fact that life in the here and now is as "perfect" as it is going to get. A friend recently reminded me that "everyday we get is a gift". So while your scale might tilt to one side and be weighed down, just remember to enjoy the high side!

Coach Katie
We LOVE our Sponsors!

Please know that a big part of the reason I have asked everyone to order and wear the tri kits this year is in order to give back to our sponsors. They support us and we need to do the same for them by getting their name out there. Thanks to Mary Biebel who is the woman behind Supercuts and fellow team member! Having a strong corporate sponsor like Supercuts gives our team credibility. Let's do our best to represent this year!
Upcoming Group Training & Dates

*Follow us on the Malone Coaching Super Secret Facebook Group! If you are not on it please let me know and I can add you. This allows you to easily communicate with fellow athletes.

Week of March 1st - Uniform Delivery

Date TBD - Parris Island Pool Practice Swim @ MTY. Hopefully we will be able to do this on a Sunday afternoon.

Sat March 5th - Group Ride 9AM from Tigerville Elementary - Bakery and Back (35 miles)
Brick run to follow - the time is NOW to get going to unless it is freezing rain we will be doing this ride.

Wed March 9th - 10 AM (Leave at 10 so arrive before!) - Group Ride -  Duncan SC - Ride on Tour De Paws Course, speed work done on Greenpond Rd 10 mile loop (marked)
Meet at Tyger River Park Address: 179 State Rd S-42-224, Duncan, SC 29334

Wed March 16th - 10AM Group Ride HILLS meet at Landrum, Ingles off of I-26 exit #1- 30-35 miles endurance pace 14-16 mph

March 19th - Parris Island race - first sprint of the year!

Visors & T-shirts are coming soon too!

Mountains to Main Street Training

Marnie from TriMarni Coaching & Nutrition will also be doing a talk for us about nutrition to help us all prep for M2M!

April 2nd Ride the Course w brick run after then go to  lunch in TR

April 23rd Swim course & Ride Course
SAGS will be provided for both. I will have to work through logistics. I just wanted to get these dates on your calendars.

If you want to VOLUNTEER at Mountains 2 Main Street please go to  this link and sign up. Malone Coaching will NOT have a "team" per say. While I encourage you all to volunteer many of you have different volunteering requirements (location & time where you want to be) and as a team that can't be accommodated. So please go out and volunteer at a time and place that best fits your schedule and your talents! Thank you!

I place a lot of value on customer service and I love my Trek Speed Concept so when you can get the best of both worlds at one bike shop that is where you go! Fellow team-mate Joanna Eubanks and her husband Sam run this family friendly store in Greenwood. Store manager Derek Kidd knows his stuff and even follows up on every little detail. In case you couldn't tell I think the world of these guys so I am proud to have them on our kits again for 2016! 

Negative Split Club

Some of you are going to start seeing this challenge show up in your race plans. Basically what this means is that you run the first half of your race slower than the second half. In other words you get FASTER as you go. Once I challenge you and I check your race file to see if you really were able to meet the challenge then you will be inducted into the "Negative Split Club". This consists of adding your name to the list of past challengers and sending you a pretty awesome Negative Split Club coffee thermos mug that will no doubt force you to explain to numerous people what exactly the "Negative Split Club" is. No, it will not make you a super hero...but you will be very close!
Feb 13th Green Valley 10-miler, Greenville, SC
Beth Mullikin 1:20 - 2nd AG - Negative Split Club (8:11 first half, 8:02 second half!)
Nicole Ramsbey 1:21 - 4th AG - Negative Split Club
Mary Biebel  1:37 - 2nd AG
Nicole & Mary bond with Jax after the race
Feb 13th Green Valley 8K, Greenville, SC
Evan Shealy - 34:46! He is 11 years old and that is a 7 min pace! WOW!
Feb 20th Fox Chase 10K Trail Race, Inman, SC
Erica Melton - 1:25
Feb 20th Yeti or Not 25K Trail Race, Dupont Forest, NC
Stephanie Rerych - 2:55
I seriously don't know how she did that after the race but it was definitely newsletter worthy!

Feb 20th Hincapie Spring Series, Greenville, SC
Chad Crocker - was fast, did not crash = great first bike race of the year!
Feb 20th Winter Challenge Triathlon (Run 7, Kayak 6, MTB 10), Springfield, SC
John Davidson 2:58
Katie Malone 3:08 - 2nd Female
Abby Russell 3:24 - 4th Female
Nicole Ramsbey 3:27
Manny Cintron 3:45
Leslie Chaplin & Pete Chaplin - Relay

Seriously the best running form ever! Manny is on a roll this year!

Because Winter Challenge is just FUN! 
John Davidson, Jenny Davidson, Laura Haupfear, Jan Garrett...Back row: Brad Fraedrich, Nicole Ramsbey, Katie Malone & Tedd Garner
Feb 20th Winter Challenge Duathlon (Run 2.25, Bike 10, Run 3.75), Springfield, SC
Brad Fraedrich 1:42 - 5th OA
Jenny Davidson 2:04
Brendaly Cintron 2:47 - FIRST Multisport event!
Laura Haupfear - Poor Laura was sick and did the smart thing and stopped after the run! Sometimes that is harder than continuing on. 

Nicole had her own photographer with her  - that is what you do when you are famous! :o) This wins the best picture of the day for sure!

Who is RACING...
Feb 27th  GHS Half Marathon, Greenville, SC
Becky Arndt
Bob Boyle with his wife Ginger and daughter Sandi
Brandon Abbott
Liz Blackwood
Laura Haupfear
Paul Zimmerman
Will Fowler
Will Wood
Feb 27th  GHS 5K, Greenville, SC
Evan Shealy
Melanie Pfieffer
Feb 27th New Orleans Half Marathon, LA
Mary Biebel
Feb 27th Black Mountain Challenge 40 mile Trail race, NC
Katie Malone


My favorite sports drink is Infinit, but I also LOVE their MUD recovery drink mix. It is my treat after a long workout. Our team gets discounts on all of their products just use the discount code malonecoaching.


Open  Water Swim Dates

My Boathouse at Lake Lanier 
2004 East Lakeshore Dr.
Landrum, SC 29356

April 4, 11, 25
May 9, 16
June 6, 20
July 11, 18
Aug 8, 22, 29
Sept 12, 19

For those of you interested in Open Water Swimming in 2016 here are the dates.  They are NOT every 2 weeks this year but rather scheduled around important races. So please make note of these dates on your calendar. I will also have them on the website and on the website calendar for your convenience. For the swims in April we will have to wait to see what the water temperature is. If it is really cold wetsuits and  hoods will be required and we will keep the swims on the shorter side to avoid hypothermia.

All open water swims start promptly at 6:30 PM and are held on Monday nights because that is when there is the least boat traffic on the lake. The open water swims are workouts, not just swimming and they are fun - so don't miss out! These give us 6 MONTHS of quality time in open water!

Xterra Deals

Every week I will share some awesome deals with you from Xterra. The code to use to get your discount is always going to be:



The first few team rides of the year:

Sat March 5th - Group Ride 9AM from Tigerville Elementary - Bakery and Back (35 miles)
Brick run to follow

Mountains to Main Street Training
April 2nd Ride the Course w brick run after then go to lunch in TR

April 23rd Swim course & Ride Course
SAGS will be provided for both. I will have to work through logistics. I just wanted to get these dates on your calendars.

The Saluda Grade looks like this now so this means you can actually safely pass on your bike! A few more weeks and the road should be open!

UPDATED RIDE LIST (thanks to Lisa Powell)


We need old running shoes! Team member Lisa Powell is collecting shoes for migrant workers (you know the people who pick all the fruits and vegetables we eat) and they desperately need old running shoes. Especially smaller sizes but we will take everything. Please TIE THEM TOGETHER and give them to me. I will start collecting NOW and collect all the way through MAY!
If you live in Columbia and know Lisa you may give directly to her.

For Sale

I like to share bikes and items that we have for sale here first. It is a great way to recycle items. Please let me know if you have anything you would like for me to post here. 

Item #2 Vortex 4 Full Wetsuit, Men's size small, 
Never worn -$100. Lo cated in Charlotte, NC Contact Michael Vaccaro,

Item #3 XTerra Vendetta long sleeve Women's Large. Make Mary an offer! Located in Greenville. Contact Mary Biebel

Item #4 Blue Seventy sleeveless Women's Medium Large Make Mary an offer! Located in Greenville. Contact Mary Biebel

Item #5 Zoot Women's Small - worn 1x. Located in Greenville. Make Christina an offer. or 864-201-3443

Item #6 Zoot Men's Large - worn a few times. Located in Greenville. Make Christina an offer! or 864-201-3443

Item #7 Race Wheels (10 Speed) Asking $450 OBO. Located in Greenville
Contact Nicole Ramsbey

Item #8 Bike Shoes worn 1 season. Asking $75 OBO Located in Greenville. Contact Nicole Ramsbey.

Item #9 HED Race Wheels 10 speed set 12/27 cassette included- Asking $700 OBO, Located in Spartanburg. Contact Ben Atkins 864-706-7603

Item #10 Trek Speed Concept MEDIUM Frame, Asking $2300 OBO Located in Flat Rock, NC Contact Adam Fisher 828-808-9742 

Trek Speed Concept MEDIUM Frame 7.5 with plenty of upgrades.  The aerobars have been switched to Carbon Zipp Vuka.  I have switched out the shifters for Zipp Return to Center, Shimano specific, carbon shifters.  The front and rear derailleur have been upgraded to Dura Ace 7900. I am selling with a set of Zipp 404 Tubular wheels w/ Gator Skin tires, and a set of Shimano RS10 training wheels.  Sell also includes the draft box.  I will include a set of carbon specific brake pads and a set for traditional aluminum wheels. Bike is in good working order, with all the signs of use you would expect from a bike with 3 years of use.  It has been well cared for and stored in a climate controlled room. No saddle or pedals included.   
Please contact, or call 828-808-9742 for information.  
Item #11 Old School Aluminum Cervelo (picture below) Size 58? He is 5'11" 700 size wheels. Asking $400 OBO Located in Greenville area Contact Bill Tumblin

Katie Malone| Malone Coaching |864-415-5804 | |