Studio Reopening News!
Balance DNCE Fitness classes will be available IN STUDIO and on ZOOM starting June 8th! Reserve your spot today! 

We are grateful to all of you who have reached out with kind words and support during this time. We miss the energy and excitement of our dancers and look forward to a return back to a “new normal” in the safest way possible. 

First, we want to assure you that the safety and well-being of our dancers, families and staff is our top priority. During this time apart, our staff has been working very diligently  (while maintaining distancing and sanitation protocols)  – making improvements to our facilities, updating our systems, and modifying our operations so that we were prepared for when we were given the green light to reopen. For more than a month, we have been deep cleaning every nook & cranny of both buildings. We have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled our efforts to clean, paint and renovate. We are excited for you to experience our updated and super clean facility!

In accordance with the most recent social distancing recommendations, we are ready to re-open all adult classes on Monday, June 8th, under a limited capacity model per studio. Please be aware that we have taken into consideration a wide array of factors including the 25% occupancy standard along with studio size and shape, Instructors’ comfort levels & personal health risk thresholds, and class details. As new standards are presented in the coming weeks, we will adjust schedules and availability as needed.

Please be aware that adult classes will be available IN STUDIO and via ZOOM. IN STUDIO classes will have a limited number of spots available. In order to attend, you must RESERVE YOUR SPOT on MindBody. For those who do not feel comfortable joining in the studio next week, we will still be simultaneously zooming these classes from the studio, so you can join us online throughout the summer! There is no pressure to come to the studio, but we are making it available for those who wish to come and join us in person.

Below are our revised studio policies and procedures which outline how Balance Dance Studios plans to provide the safest environment for our families, instructors and staff.

In preparation for our studio re-opening, we wanted to update you about some processes and procedures we are putting into place, so that we can open our doors for in person classes starting June 8th!

Entry and Exit
  • All doors will remain slightly opened to minimize anyone touching surfaces.
  • Please wait in the parking lot and do not come in early.
  • All lobbies and indoor common areas, as well as our store and office, will be closed however, dancers will have access to front desk staff should a need arise. 

  • We ask that everyone in the building, including staff, wear masks while in common areas.
  • Once you enter the studio space, the wearing of masks is up to your discretion.
  • You are welcome to wear masks, but it is not required while taking class.
  • Class attendees will be distanced 6-9 feet apart in each studio space in marked off spaces on the floor.

What to bring in
  • Please refrain from bringing bags or purses into the studio.
  • Please bring personal equipment from home as needed for yoga or foam rolling classes. No studio equipment is available to borrow or rent at this time.
  • Personal water bottles are allowed.

Social Distancing
  • Please observe social distancing protocol in the common areas and studios and avoid physical contact with others. We all love to shake hands and hug, but for now, just wave and say hey to others from a distance.
  • We are following the governor’s orders of 25% occupancy (per studio space) to keep social distancing protocols. Teachers will practice social distancing during classes as well. As new information is presented, we will adjust IN STUDIO availability. Please continue to reference emails and social media for updates.
  • Our teachers will be directing students verbally with minimal contact at this time. 
  • Social distancing reminders have been posted around the studio.

Parameters for entry
Please do not attend on campus if you feel ill, or have had a fever or any symptoms of any illness within the past 14 days. We would love to see you, but if you are at risk, have a compromised immune system, are sick, are showing signs of respiratory illness, currently have a fever above 99.6, have been around anyone that’s been sick, or are over the age of 65, our Governor has strongly encouraged you to consider enjoying our online classes from the comfort and safety of your own home. This also applies if you have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 or if you live with someone that is at risk, sick, showing signs of respiratory illness currently have a fever above 99.6, or have been around anyone that’s been sick in the past 14 days. 

Class times
Classes will be 5 minutes shorter to accommodate cleaning/sanitizing time in between each class, so please factor that in to your arrival and departure (ex. A 5pm class that normally dismisses at 5:55pm will dismiss next week at 5:50pm).

Sanitation Measures
  • Based upon a recommendation from one of our studio parents who worked in infection control for over 15 years, we have hired a professional company to come and provide a treatment at the studio that involves spraying a non toxic mist which acts as a protective shield to the studio and all touch points, using a product called Bioshield 75, that bonds to surfaces and provides protection for up to 90 days.
  • We will continue to keep both buildings cleaned and sanitized daily for your family’s well-being. We will sanitize touchable surfaces/mats in between each class, as well as deep clean both buildings at the end or beginning of each day and restrooms throughout the days and evenings.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to all students in our regular big bottles throughout the studios. Our staff will wash their hands and use hand sanitizer hourly between each class as well.
  • We have posted hand washing reminders in all restrooms and hand soap and paper towels will be regularly restocked. 
  • We will be running fans continuously inside the building to maximize air circulation.

Additional precautions we are taking
  • Teachers will all take their own temperature with infrared touchless thermometers before each shift to confirm they do not have a fever.
  • While our front desk staff is in the building, please send questions to us via email, so we can minimize unnecessary contact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We will continue to update our website, and send email updates, regarding any changes or shifts that happen in regard to the studio. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our small business during this time. As always, we want your favorite day of the week to be at the studio!

We wish all of our families good health and look forward to seeing you all soon!
Kathy Dupuy & The BDS Team

Online Class Drop In & Monthly Unlimited Rate
As we begin IN STUDIO classes, please note that we plan to continue live streamed classes via Zoom as well. IN STUDIO classes will available at regular drop in rate. Your 1 hour live streamed classes are still available at a discounted $10 rate! In order to access this rate, you will need to purchase a 1 hour drop in class PRIOR to signing in to your class. If you are an UNLIMITED member, pricing is $120/month for Elite Members!
Weekly Zoom Tips and Tricks
Here are a few tips and tricks we've learned this month to help during your classes!
  • Sign up for your class at least 1 hour prior to class start to receive your Zoom link. If you do not receive your Zoom link, check your spam folder first, and then email
  • "PIN" your instructor's screen so that they will remain on your viewing device the entire class.
  • Mute your device when class starts to ensure there are no interruptions from background noise.
  • Make sure you have updated your Zoom platform to the most recent version.
  • Note that there may be lag time between instructor's music and your screen. This is due to a variety of reasons including wifi issues, zoom connections, other internet users in the home, etc.