Intro to Peter Hess® Sound Methods
Sunday, Feb 6th Noon to 2pm
Join Gina Armstrong as she facilitates the exploration of Peter Hess Singing Bowls. You will discover the power of vibration through hands on experimentation with Peter Hess Singing bowls made specifically for therapeutic use.Learn a simple self care routine with the use of the singing bowls. There will be time to play and learn how to tap the bowls and guide them to sing. Class will end with a soft special singing bowl meditation that will help you soften into a new way of Being.
Float into a place where all that exists is everything and nothing at the same exact time. That space where movement meets stillness. It is there within the quiet stillness that we remember that we are always connected. In that quiet stillness we feel our connection..... to God, to the Universe, to whatever the word is that you use to feel safe, secure, protected, a home within. Once you get a glimpse, a snippet of remembrance, of that connection and start or re-start to cultivate that stillpoint… building your knowing and strengthening in connection and carrying that deep within always. Join Gina for the first four Thursdays in March for this experiential class in exploration.

The Sound Reset is space and time to breathe, soften, breathe deeper, surrender into, allowing the mind to stay curious and float into a space where we are not awake however we are not sleeping either. Allowing the mind to follow the sound and vibrations as the body continues to soften. Noticing how the body may be holding tension and letting that go as the body sinks deeper into the soundcloud that supports the body with ease & gentleness. The journey of vibration soothes and resets the day, the week, the month deep into the cells. Each session varies on instrumentation. Some instruments and sounds may resonate with some participants more than others. Know that all sounds have a purpose and in most cases are only played for a few moments. Creating and sustaining that space where movement meets stillness. 

Harmonic Egg
Have you ever felt as though you struggle to maintain a relaxed state of mind, body and soul? So many of us are stuck in a flight-or-fight response, constantly in a low to high state of stress. When the body is in this state, it is out of its state of balance and natural ability to heal and reset itself.
Imagine an egg-shaped chamber that allows and supports that reset that you so greatly need. The Harmonic Egg is designed to create for you an environment of deep relaxation and balance. Vibration builds within the chamber to help regulate your autonomic nervous system.

Welcome to (Back) Balance
We are all excited to have Mickey back at Balance! Mickey comes back to offer her expertise and guidance as our Harmonic Egg Facilitator and to help out at the Front Desk . Mickey has a wealth of knowledge on natural remedies and essential oil recipe's as she studied Aromatherapy with Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD and has been working with herbs and oils for years. She also has studied many areas of whole body wellness and has worn many hats over the years. Be sure to welcome Mickey back the next time you are visiting us here at Balance.
Riley will be starting back to Balance on Tuesday mornings and will be helping to re-organize Inventory and keep you all updated and on the various classes and workshops and specials that will be going on within the Balance Soundspace. Be sure to say hello to Riley the next time you are in on a Tuesday morning!
Welcome Jocelyn! Jocelyn is the latest addition to the Balance Support Team! . Jocelyn will be covering the desk on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for Karen who recently moved with her husband. Jocelyn will help guide you to the appointment and scheduling time that your need while putting you at ease with her laugh and joy of life.
Jocelyn has proved to be a super fast learner and will be on her own soon at the Front Desk. We have appreciated all of your patience as we continue to train staff . Everyone has been extremely kind and understanding!!

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The Gift of Wellness
Our gift certificates may be used for all things Balance including Massage Therapy, Halotherapy, Yoga, Boutique & Harmonic Egg.
ENJOY Free CBD Infused Massage Oil with Jojoba oil Upgrade
$26.00 Value
with a 60 minute massage therapy session or longer.
* While Supplies Last or January 31st 2021 must use coupon code when booking online or mention code prior to checking out. One Coupon Code per person. Not valid with any other coupons, discounts or offers.
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