December, 2015

Daniela's BalanceWear® Success Story
Patient Interview Details the Assessment Process and Immediate/Long-term Effectiveness of BalanceWear®

Daniela Lee was diagnosed with MS at age 40. The disease limited her mobility and hindered the active lifestyle that she previously enjoyed. But thanks to BalanceWear®, she is surpassing the limitations of her diagnosis and reclaiming the activity and independence that she once took for granted. 

In this interview Daniela explains that she read an article about the BalanceWear balance vest in the National MS Society's quarterly newsletter and first learned about Balance. We thank the MS Connection and the researchers involved in the article which described how the vest could improve balance. 

Hoping to find a way to mediate substantial balance problems due to her condition, Daniela researched the BalanceWear® website, and reached out to Cindy. Daniela then goes on to detail her experiences during the assessment, as well as the immediate and longterm day-to-day positive results. 

Daniela's treatment and assessment under the direction of Judith Fairchild PT, Kaiser, was imperative to bring this change. We urge clinicians to refer patients to her interview recently posted on the BalanceWear website so that they can learn first hand from a patient about BalanceWear®.

BalanceWear® in Denmark
First International Site to Distribute BalanceWear® - Skodsborg Clinic

Patients from Europe now have a new clinic in Denmark! During the training we also learned we could help a patient with ALS. Very exciting. [ Read More ].

The last 10 days have been fantastic here at Skodsborg due to Cindy's educational training to us in the amazing world of BalanceWear. In the past 25 years that I have owned this clinic, I have never seen the PT's so enthusiastic for a new course and treatment. All of us are very excited and happy to see the amazing results the patients had while using BalanceWear.    

Professionally  it was a pleasure to work with Cindy, she is very good and inspiring when she does her lecture. 

Best regards Jan Ove Direktør / Klinikejer 
Skodsborg Fysioterapi ApS 
Skodsborg Strandevej 125, A 
2942 Skodsborg

Upcoming Talks and BalanceWear® News

Anne Wolf PT of Connecticut has now contracted with the Connecticut MS Society to assess people for BalanceWear in CT. She will be giving a lecture at their quarterly meeting in December.  Create your  Niche with BalanceWear. Check out your local MS Society and become a provider! 

Past Presentations: 
Helena Esmond DPT presented her first poster on Balance-Based Torso-Weighting at the PA - APTA State Conference. 

Chris Gales DPT presented information about BalanceWear® in a concussion conference in Indiana. 

Newly Certified: 
Mellisa Miller of Toledo, Ohio 
Elise Umbeger of Lawrence, Kansas 

If you want to learn more about certification contact us. 

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