March, 2016

Motion Therapeutics Expands Product Line

2016 is shaping up to be a dynamic expansion year for Motion Therapeutics and our growing BalanceWear® product range. More products, more affordability options and improved support!

Here is a summary of what's new: 

New BalanceWear® Products 
New lower cost versions of BalanceWear® targeted to specific clinical Outpatient and Inpatient settings.

BalanceWear® LightWeight Model BW350
Postural Control and Stabilizing Balance Vest
Download product sheet
BalanceWear® StepSafe™ Model BW425B
Postural Control and Stabilizing Balance Vest - Inpatient Only
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BalanceWear® EasyWear™ Model BW400
Postural Control and Stabilizing Balance Vest

New Patient Affordability Options
PatientDirect, lower cost models for patients with no insurance reimbursement. 
PatientCare Credit Card payment plans making obtaining your patient's BalanceWear® more affordable. 

New Research & Videos 
Now over thirty (30) peer reviewed, published and other research articles, presentations and posters. 

New, same-day online videos now available.

BalanceWear® Postural Control & Stabilizing Balance Vests

Outpatient Product Range

Model Number
Price Each
BalanceWear® Classic Custom LSO
BalanceWear® Classic
BW350 PatientDirect
BalanceWear® Lightweight™

*Weighted Inputs included

Acute Care Hospital and Limited Use Only In-patient Product Range

Model Number
Price Each
BalanceWear® StepSafe™ ST
$135** NEW!
BalanceWear® StepSafe™ ST w/LSO $180** NEW!

BalanceWear® StepSafe™ MT
150** NEW!

**Reusable weighted inputs at additional cost.

Accessories for use with BalanceWear®

Model Number
Price Each
Weighted Input 1/2 lb
$12 each  
Weighted Input 1/4 lb
$10 each
Weighted Input 1/8 lb
$8 each

PatientCare Payment Plans: ****

Model Number
Payment Plan
BW350 PatientDirect
$245 down, 5 monthly payments of $50
$795 $395 down, 5 monthly payments of $80 
$450 down, 5 monthly payments of $100

****Shipping and handling fees are additional
Let us know how we can better support the postural control and balance improvement aspects of your practice. 

For scheduling Skype® support, new training, refresher training or obtaining additional information on any new or existing BalanceWear® products or programs, please call 888-330-2289 or email us at 

Yours sincerely, 

Steve Cookston President & CEO 

Motion Therapeutics, Inc.

MTI provides innovative, non-invasive wearable postural control and stabilizing products for individuals with mobility and balance issues. 

The company's patented BalanceWear® series of Truncal Orthosis vests and patented Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Methodology (BBTW®) was developed to provide help to patients with a variety of mobility disorders including balance problems. 

Many older individuals and those persons with neurological conditions may have a loss of postural control and compromised balance as a symptom of a medical condition. BalanceWear is indicated for such conditions. 

NOTE: BalanceWear is not a medical treatment for any disease and MTI does not represent that BalanceWear is a cure for any disease.