May, 2016

BalanceWear® is Creating Major Interest in Scandinavia!
A Message from Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Dear Friends & Colleagues,  

BalanceWear® is creating major interest in Scandinavia! BalanceWear was featured on Good Morning Denmark (their Good Morning America) this week See the segment here

This news feature highlights a young 33 year old female with MS who suffered from profound dizziness. Once BalanceWear was applied, she could tandem walk and run! She was able to run faster than me! BalanceWear dramatically improved her quality of life. 

In just three days the clinic has received 125 calls from interested patients wanting to be seen and try BalanceWear®. If you want to grow your practice and help patients BalanceWear can help!

Research Highlights
More Evidence for Practice

Jennifer Vincenzo PT, PhD  presented the 6 Month Data on Improving Mobility Disability in Older Adults with BalanceWear Therapy in a podium presentation at CSM. Click to view abstract.
Students from San Francisco State, Diane Allen and Gail Widener presented a poster on Reduction in Sway in People with Spinocerebellar. Click to download pdf of poster.

Cynthia Gibson-Horn and Jennifer Vincenzo presented "Wear Your Balance REALLY? At the American Society on Aging on March 22nd. 5 day, four, and 6 month data from the InVested project at Country Meadows Facilities in PA.

New BalanceWear® Models, New Lower Pricing and Affordable Payment Plans

New lower cost versions of BalanceWear® targeted to specific clinical Outpatient and Inpatient settings.

BalanceWear® LightWeight Model BW350
Postural Control and Stabilizing Balance Vest
Download product sheet
BalanceWear® StepSafe™ Model BW425B
Postural Control and Stabilizing Balance Vest - Inpatient Only
Download product sheet
BalanceWear® EasyWear™ Model BW400
Postural Control and Stabilizing Balance Vest
Download product sheet

Model Number
Price Each
BalanceWear® Classic Custom LSO
BalanceWear® Classic
BW350 PatientDirect
BalanceWear® Lightweight™
BW400 PatientDirect
BalanceWear® EasyWear™
$395*   NEW!

*Weighted Inputs included

Acute Care Hospital and Limited Use Only In-patient Product Range

Model Number
Price Each
BalanceWear® StepSafe™ ST
$135** NEW!
BalanceWear® StepSafe™ ST w/LSO $180** NEW!

BalanceWear® StepSafe™ MT
150** NEW!

**Reusable weighted inputs at additional cost.

Accessories for use with BalanceWear®

Model Number
Price Each
Weighted Input 1/2 lb
$12 each  
Weighted Input 1/4 lb
$10 each
Weighted Input 1/8 lb
$8 each

PatientCare Payment Plans: ****

Model Number
Payment Plan
BW400 PatientDirect $395 $145 down, 5 monthly payments of $50
BW350 PatientDirect
$245 down, 5 monthly payments of $50
$795 $395 down, 5 monthly payments of $80 
$450 down, 5 monthly payments of $100

****Shipping and handling fees are additional

Newly Certified  

Congratulations to the recent therapists who worked hard to get certified.

Bo J. Mrozek, PT, Wimberley, TX

Cindy Fuller, PT, Fresno, CA

Kelly Ariagno, PT, San Francisco, CA

Leigh Sato, PT, Charlottesville, VA

Jennifer Millar, MSPT, Baltimore, MD 21287

Patient's Story
We Connect Patients to Certified Clinicians. Here is How this Can Work for You!

We were contacted by Cindy and sent her to the Brian Center in North Carolina where she saw Julie Applewhite at the Brian Center. 

We received this beautiful note.  Thanks Julie for your great work!

The following is an excerpt of Cindy's story. Her complete testimonial is available on our website. 

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 1994 and my first symptom was dizziness and vertigo. The dizziness has never completely disappeared over the last 21 years, however, I've never let this disease stop me from living a normal life. 

In 2009, my physician told me that I would no longer be able to work and was I forced to take disability. Using a cane and a walker, I was determined to maintain an active lifestyle by changing my activities and became an avid swimmer and taught Deep Water Workouts at my local YMCA. 

In September of 2015, I developed a new lesion on my Thoracic spine that caused a devastating relapse that severely affected my mobility and left me pretty much home bound. I was devastated but still not ready to give up completely. I knew there had to be something out there that could help me besides all of the toxic IV steroids and other medications that I was pouring into my body. 

This amazing vest has changed my life in so many ways. I can now walk without a cane or walker, stand for longer periods of time to cook, put on my makeup at the bathroom mirror, walk my dog, grocery shop without using the Mart Kart, go up and down stairs with more confidence, and sit without pain. 

Again, thank you for your help. I look forward to improved strength and mobility using my new amazing vest! 

Covington, Virginia

Motion Therapeutics, Inc.

MTI provides innovative, non-invasive wearable postural control and stabilizing products for individuals with mobility and balance issues. 

The company's patented BalanceWear® series of Truncal Orthosis vests and patented Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Methodology (BBTW®) was developed to provide help to patients with a variety of mobility disorders including balance problems. 

Many older individuals and those persons with neurological conditions may have a loss of postural control and compromised balance as a symptom of a medical condition. BalanceWear is indicated for such conditions. 

NOTE: BalanceWear is not a medical treatment for any disease and MTI does not represent that BalanceWear is a cure for any disease.