Lots of exciting things to share this Spring about BalanceWear! The usual suspects are continuing their impressive work and some new faces are joining the team with exciting accomplishments to share.

If you would like to contribute your BalanceWear successes and experiences, please email to cindy@motiontherapeutics.com.

Sept., 2015

Upcoming BalanceWear Presentations
Word is getting out there. Thanks to everyone including our patients!

Cindy Gibson-Horn PT presented  "Wear Your Balance Really?" at Dr. Terry Wahls conference August 14th in Cedar Rapids Iowa. 

Curry Durborow, DPT, will be speaking at the Penn State Capital Region Stroke Symposium Oct 1, 2015. She will be discussing the preliminary findings of the ongoing posterior circulation stroke and BalanceWear Therapy study being conducted at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation. 

Jennifer L. Vincenzo, PT, MPH, PhD, CHES, GCS received her PHD working on a study using BalanceWear with older adult. She will be presenting the research on the a blinded randomized controlled study comparing the effects of BalanceWear Therapy and a control group wearing the BalanceWear garment with fake weights in October at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Physical Therapists in the News
Video Segment Featuring BalanceWear on WTNH 

BalanceWear, Anne Wolfe PT and patient Ray Charpentier Anne Wolfe PT Had her first debut on ABC affiliate WTNH in Connecticut. Click here to view story and video.   

Her patient, Ray Charpentier, is an amazing guy who puts the word out about all activities associated with MS including BalanceWear. 

Here is his contact information if you want to put an event on MS -GO. 

Ray Charpentier 
Co-Founder MS-GO Event Calendar 

Email Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for more information. 

Comments from Therapist Community
Patricia Halcarz Witczak PT Writes About Her Success with BalanceWear

Cindy, I wanted to let you know that I have had 3 BalanceWear (BW) purchases so far with amazing results. The first one has Parkinson's and still has falls but only when not wearing the BalanceWear!!! We have talked until I am blue in the face on the pattern there. The other 2 are with cerebellar ataxia and are totally different when they are in the vest. One has RSD and forgets about her foot pain while using the BW. 

She has two different placement strategies depending on her symptoms. I seem to be using it with more and more patients with different diagnoses on a daily basis. It is known in our department as Patti's magic vest. What I really wanted to get from you is information on traveling with the vest, especially internationally and going through security at airports. Is there any card I can give them if they get stopped for the metal? What is in the weights? Will it set off the alarms? We also were concerned that the security people may think it's a flack vest or something. She is not leaving until August but I wanted to make sure she could travel with the vest. 

Patti (Patricia) Halcarz Witczak PT (former skeptic turned believer!!!)
Physical Therapist
IU Health Neurorehabilitation and Robotics

Feedback from Our Patients

Patti Martin, a 63-year-old living with an inherited form of ataxia in Eastern Oregon, has seen a "miracle" of a change since she started wearing BalanceWear in September of 2014 after hearing about it at a National Ataxia Foundation event in March of that year. 

"I've gained so much more confidence in everyday activities," she declares. "It's even given me the mental strength and hope to believe I can keep walking and living independently for years." 

BalanceWear improved both her gait and manual dexterity, allowing her to stay as active as she can, walking on the treadmill and lifting weights daily at her local gym. "BalanceWear has been a turning point in my battle with ataxia, giving me so much freedom and security that if anything, I forget I have a balance problem in the first place!" she exclaims.   

Northern California Research Chronicles Case Histories
Features Long-Term Success Stories of Two Patients Using BalanceWear

Northern California Research recently chronicled the case histories of two patients receiving positive results using BalanceWear in the July issue of the Northern California Connection

One patient, Andrew Lesher, is a physical therapist in private practice in Philadephia. While he has been prescribing the treatment for two years, he has also been using it to manage his own MS symptoms for over three years. 

"Before I met Cindy, I had to stop playing basketball because I just wasn't safe," Mr. Lesher said. "Now I can play again, even though my symptoms with MS have gotten worse. My 14 year old son won't let me step on a court without my vest. It's incredible that a product like this exists and has given me a part of my life back that I thought was gone forever." 

Another BalanceWear patient who has seen improvement is Mary Spencer. She was one of the first MS patients to try out the vest. She said, "I thought it would be heavy, but it feels good. I am stabilized. It makes a huge difference for me and I can actually get up and move!" She wears her BalanceWear mostly on what she calls her "bad days" and during fitness classes. 

Click here to download the full article.

BBTW® Seminars On Tap
Learn the Static and Dynamic Assessment Tests and Weighting Strategies to Immediately Improve a Patient's Balance

Motion Therapeutics now incorporates 2 additional live, on-line Webinar sessions to reinforce the Hands On Lab seminar component of its certification process. Our next seminar will be held in San Francisco.

Nov 13, Nov 14  
St. Mary's Medical Center  
450 Stanyan St.
San Francisco, CA 
Click here to download registration flyer.  
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For more information on BalanceWear Seminars, or to set up a seminar for your facility email Amanda at Motion Therapeutics, Inc.

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