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August Newsletter

August, 2015
Our Team is Growing
Balanced Experience is really excited to announce the addition of Catherine Gaddy, Ph.D to our team.  Cathy started her career working with "knobs and dials" in the electric power industry before migrating to the digital user experience space when that became all the rage.  Now, she's come full circle and has been helping companies design physical products and devices that combine environmental, physical and digital components.

Cathy has extensive experience in the health, medical, government, power, pharmaceutical and many other domains.  Her depth of knowledge in UX research, design, strategy and her background in teaching and mentoring will be a huge addition to our team and to our clients.  Welcome to the team Cathy!
Hidden Gems
Here a few interesting tidbits that caught our eye this month: 
Biometrics & Human Factors
Our work with our clients has allowed us to explore some really interesting and exciting ways of measuring human responses to given experiences through the use of various biometric tools.  Everyone has likely at least heard of eye trackers but not many have likely worked with heart rate monitors, galvanic skin response monitors, cognitive load measures, or other even newer tools.  Each measures something that can tell you something about how a person is responding to a given experience and can provide really interesting insights in to what is hard, easy, stressful, confusing or whatnot.  What's been particularly interesting is determining which tools are useful in which contexts and how to combine the information from various tools and methods in to something that can inform design decisions.

If you're using or considering biometric measures as part of your UX work, we'd love to hear  your story!

Upcoming Training

We're continuing to plan our Fall and Winter training schedule.  If you've got any interest in bringing UX training to your organization or to a location near you, please let us know.  We'll do our best to bring you the training that's right for you in a way that makes sense to you. 
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