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June/July Newsletter

June, 2015
Greetings From the Field (Part 2)
Well, it's been another busy month of field work for the BE team.  Maybe there's something in the water (but don't drink the water!).  Since our last newsletter, we've gotten to spend time at a limestone q uarry in Mexico and some work sites in the Eastern US.  The trips have reminded us of the physical demands of field work.  One of our team members had to find a replacement for a trip to a work site after she broke her ankle.  You can't climb around machines and piles of dirt in a walking boot.  Another of our team soldiered through some interviews on machines while battling motion sickness.  We gave him a gold star for professionalism :-)  Beyond that, dealing with the realities of heat, travel, hauling equipment, and a host of other things made us all appreciate the physical nature of our jobs sometimes.  Might need some additional cardio work in the off season :-)
Hidden Gems
Here a few interesting tidbits that caught our eye this month: 
UX Research

Our team of UX and human factors researchers at Balanced Experience has decades and decades of combined experience doing field research to better understand users, tasks, ecosystems and the measures of success for a wide variety of domains.  Whether it's studying machine operators in the Amazon or retail shoppers in the world of emerging technologies, our team can plan, execute, analyze and interpret things clearly and concisely for you.   


As we spend time reviewing our recent field visits and prepare for the next set, we'd love to talk to you about your UX or human factors research needs.  Contact us any time to talk about how to effectively and efficiently get out and better understand your users. 

Upcoming Training

We're beginning to plan our Fall and Winter training schedule.  If you've got any interest in bringing UX training to your organization or to a location near you, please let us know.  We'll do our best to bring you the training that's right for you in a way that makes sense to you. 
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