A Note from Scott and Marsha
November 4, 2021
This Weather. I know I start with this almost every week but I can't help it. Weather affects my mood and our entire livelihood is wrapped up in it. I also happen to be married to a man who obsesses about the weather. When I say obsesses, I mean "the glass is half empty" obsesses.  I spend most of my time saying, "It's a 30% chance of rain, babe. Durham is a big county. Just because it says 30% or 90%, that could be 90% rain between 12am and 6am. It could be a passing 5 minute rain." These are our differences. This is our balance.  

The past few weeks have been all about balance at FGS. It has felt like walking a tightrope ... in a windstorm .... with hail .... and the balancing pole is on fire ... on both ends ... and over a canyon filled with lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Dramatic much? Why yes.  

First, we lost one of our landscape employees, Jose Bercian, to complications from Covid. Everyone seems to have multiple stories of loss related to Covid. This one was very close to home. We have known Jose since 2013. This was a man that smiled all the time. I have never seen him have a bad day. If it was cruddy day, he still smiled. Jose had left for a couple years but returned to FGS in 2018. I will never forget him showing up during a particularly rough week for us. He arrived in a soft yellow polo with a fresh haircut and I will never forget embracing him because I was genuinely so happy to see him. He said, "I want to come back. I loved working here." He was actually doing better and was going to be released from the hospital in the coming weeks. Suddenly, he was gone.  He is missed by his team every day and will never be forgotten by those of us who knew him.   

Then, another key member of our FGS family made the hard decision of balancing work and family. Most of you knew Amanda through our social media. Those that worked with her knew her as Scott's right hand, which meant part of her job description was bossing me around! LOL.  But we understand sometimes you need to step back and find your balance. As much as we hated saying goodbye, we also support the people we care about. These are big shoes to fill and Amanda was incredibly gifted in so many areas. What I will miss most was her making lunch before 11am and her ability to tease everyone at any given moment. We also just had a lot of fun and she was a great balance to our entire team.  

I could go on and on about loss. I'm sure most of you have stories of loss that are absolutely way worse than ours. As we all navigate life and are balancing over our own canyons, we hope you can do it with a dash of grace and splattering of kindness. And maybe a sprinkle of love from someone who is your balance. And if that isn't working, I find comfort in nature. If you don't have a comforting place, we have it in spades. Just pick your favorite spot and plop. We'll even step around you if you're sitting in the middle of the floor among the houseplants. Sometimes it really is just that kind of day. We're here for you!
FGS Holiday Market
Saturday, November 13
9 am - 3 pm

Get your holiday shopping done early and done local. Swing by our first annual Holiday Market on November 13! We’ll have local artists, musicians, bakers, and small business owners who will have an amazing selection of handmade (or hand-baked!) items that will make your holiday season shopping a breeze!

The Durham County Extension Master Gardeners will have a booth set up to answer any and all questions related to gardening and plants. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

We’ll have Doherty’s Paddy Wagon out serving up some delicious food, and The Potting Shed will be open as well.

For a running list of the vendors who will be in attendance, please click here.

There is no cost to attend. Come celebrate the season with us and support local!
Music in the Garden
Michael Daughtry & the Drift
November 13, 2021
Doors open at 6:30 PM
Music starts at 7:00 PM

Rock on!

We've rescheduled our final Music in the Garden and we are ready to party! Join us on Saturday, November 13, as Michael Daughtry and the Drift take us on a musical journey.

Food Vibes Only food truck will be serving some delicious menu items, and we'll have smore's kits available for anyone who wants to enjoy one of our fire pits! The Potting Shed will be open to serve during this event, but please note that the Garden Center will be closed for shopping.

Pumpkins, annuals & perennials (4" pots), and
herb veggies are now
50% OFF!!
Come and get yours before they're gone!
Looking for a sturdy new plant friend that is as unique as you? Well look no further, because the peperomia comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors! They won't mind if you forget to water them. They are the perfect addition to your collection during the busy coming and goings of the holiday season. Just plop this in a spot with bright, indirect light and it will be there to greet you each time you come home! This plant does great in office enviorments, so if you're stuck on what to get your Secret Santa, the Peperomia is a great option! It's even pet-friendly so you can have it in your work-from-home office, too!
These beautiful, ready-made planters are perfect for your sunny spot that needs a touch of color during the winter months. With a fun mix of pansies and spring-blooming bulbs (such as tulips and daffofils) you'll be able to enjoy these from September to April!
If you have a shady spot that needs some pizzaz, this low-maintenance shrub will do the trick! It loves the shade and wet soil so much that its common name is Swamp Anise! It will bloom in both spring and fall and its bright flowers attract pollinators. It also smells like licorice which is a bonus!
Thursday, November 11, 6PM

What better way to blend your love of gardening and wildlife than planting North Carolina natives that will attract your favorite birds and insects? This class will be an introduction to learning how to curate your garden with native landscaping to attract birds and native insects. This class will cover shrubs, trees, and perennial plants for sun or shade!

Fee is $15; includes a pair of bypass pruners

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Julia Sampson, Garden Center Manager
Saturday, November 13, 10AM

Join us for an informative session on winter houseplant care. The class will address any necessary environmental and cultural adaptations to keep your houseplants happy and healthy until the spring growing season! Don’t miss this opportunity to help your plants survive the harsh changes that come with indoor gardening in winter.

Fee is $15.00; includes a watering tool

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach
Plant Tip of the Week:
Caring for Houseplants in Winter
Don't forget to bring your tropical plants inside if you haven't already! They won't survive low temps, especially if it dips below freezing. Make sure to check out this blog post about caring for houseplants in winter, and if you're looking for some extra guidance then you're in luck because we have a Winter Care houseplant class coming up next week! Class info is right above this plant tip!
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