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February 2016
Happenings at the Cross!
Demolition & Clean-Up
If you haven't been to Bald Knob lately, you may be surprised the next time you come. Two demolition and clean-up projects are well underway.
  • The first is on the new property purchased by Bald Knob in January of 2015, which is located to your right just before you go through the gate at the bottom of the hill. Many trees have been cut and trimmed, and all the old buildings and rubble have cleared away. There is still much work to be done on the property, but we are well underway!!
  • The second project is the site of the old amphitheater/stage area. All the buildings have been demolished and cleared away, and the bleachers on the hillside have also been removed. This has been needed for a long time, and now this area can be restored to a natural setting. A huge thank you goes out to CMA volunteers who came for a work day on February 6th to assist with these projects!
Farewell to Long-Time Caretaker
Rober and Teresa Gibson Roger Gibson, who has served as Caretaker for the past several years, has left Bald Knob and began a new chapter in his life. Roger and his wife Teresa have relocated to Herrin, but we are confident they will not be strangers to Bald Knob. Roger has agreed to be the official bell ringer for the Easter Sunrise service, and we know that he and Teresa will still contribute to the ministries at Bald Knob in many ways.

David Gibson David Gibson, who has also been a tremendous help at Bald Knob for the past several years, has also relocated but will still be helping with events and special projects. Roger, Teresa and David were recently honored at the Union County Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala when Bald Knob Cross received the Most Improved Business of the Year award. All three also recently received appreciation plaques from the Board of Directors of Bald Knob Cross for their many contributions through the years. If you know any of them and see them, be sure to express your appreciation as well!
Pig Plaque Project Complete
pig story
Neighbors raised 1500 pigs to help build the cross
If you are not familiar with the "pig story," click here so you know what this is about. Remember the plaques that previously hung on the wall in the Welcome Center, that contained the names of all the people who raised pigs? Many of those plaques were broken and no longer attractive. When the renovations took place at the Welcome Center, the plaques had to come off the wall. There are 1100+ plaques -- and all of those names have now been entered into a data base, and a business sized card has been prepared for each one, placed in a "pig binder" at the Welcome Center. So once again, you can go find the name of someone you know who raised a pig.

In addition, we have saved all the old plaques; so if you have a family member that raised a pig, and you would like the original plaque with his/her name on it, come visit the Welcome Center and we will help you find it. We are very excited to have this project complete. A huge thank you to Jennifer Watson and Lou Anne Lough, both of Murphysboro, who made this happen!
Prayer Corner
prayer corner The Prayer Corner at the Welcome Center is nearly complete. It's a simple desk and chair, with a Bible and an invitation to prayer. Prayer request cards will be available with a prayer box. Also available will be postcards you can send to a friend or family member that says "I said a prayer for you today at Bald Knob Cross."

Prayer is the foundation for everything; we hope the Prayer Corner can become a special place for you.

Thank you to Prayer Team Coordinator Jeannie Housewright for providing the foundation of prayer for Bald Knob Cross and developing our prayer corner.
Welcome Center Rearrangement
Many of you have spoken, and we have listened! When the Welcome Center was renovated last year, it was arranged in such a way that it did not allow for small groups to hold an event inside. This has been a disadvantage, especially, to small wedding parties that would like to have a small inside reception as part of their special day. So we have reconfigured the Welcome Center, and there is now a small space available (25-30 people) for wedding receptions, community group meetings, etc.

Just a note -- the Welcome Center will continue to be open, so the space cannot be reserved exclusively for an event. But the group space is to the side of the main flow of visitors. Come check it out if you're interested in holding your group event at the Welcome Center, or event registration forms can be found online at
Blessing of the bikes Blessing of the Bikes Advance T-Shirt Sales
For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase your blessing of the bikes T-shirt in advance, online through the website. This is currently being developed, so watch for more info to come!
Volunteers Needed
volunteer Do you enjoy meeting people and have a few hours per week or even a few hours per month that you could donate? We need people who love people to help host at the Welcome Center, helping visitors feel welcome. We would love to have you join a growing cadre of regular volunteers who take pride in the history, present and future of Bald Knob Cross. Please visit this page if you'd like more information.
Upcoming Events
  • winter at the cross March 27, 2016 - Easter Sunrise Service
  • April 24, 2016 - Blessing of the Bikes
  • May 14, 2016 - Blessing of the Cars
  • June 17, 2016 - Crossflame Youth Choir Orchestra Tour

Additional events to be held at Bald Knob are being considered for 2016. If you would like to assist with planning an event for next year, please send an email to 


Create your own event at Bald Knob!  

Interested in Becoming Involved?
Become a Member: For a small annual donation, you can become a member of the Bald Knob Cross of Peace today! Click here for more information and to download the membership application.

Welcome Center: We need some additional volunteers to serve as Greeters at the Welcome Center when guests come to visit the Cross. Regular or occasional blocks of time available. Email if you'd like more information.

Prayer Team: Would you be willing to pray regularly for the ministry of the Cross, and for submitted prayer requests? Consider joining our email prayer team. Contact for more information.

Thank you for your support of Bald Knob Cross of Peace!


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Teresa Gilbert

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