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Seattle JEA

JEA/NSPA Convention
Washington State
Convention Center
Seattle, Washington
April 12-15, 2012     


NSPA Deadlines:   

Jan. 17, 2012
NSPA Yearbook / Magazine / Online Pacemaker Awards - Entry Deadline


Feb. 29, 2012
NSPA Journalism Honor Roll / Wikoff Scholarship - Entry Deadline


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Kansas Scholastic Press Association   

 * January 31 -January Story, Photo and Design of the Month deadline
* February 23 - Regional Competition
* February 24 - Regional Competition
* February 29 - February Story, Photo and Design of the Month deadline


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Columbia ScholasticPress Association
The 87th annual national CSPA convention will take place at Columbia University from March 14 -  March 16, 2012



Student Press
Law Center


The Student Press Law Center
is an advocate for student
First Amendment rights.      




Q&SCelebrate students' academic & journalistic achievements 
Ph: (319) 335-3457
Fax: (319) 335-3989


Feb. 12 - International Writing, Photo Contest   



Wanting, Getting, Giving
Milestones. Usually they are characterized by wanting something and getting it: a degree, a career, a partner,
a family.


When you wanted to work with children, it was a transformational decision. You learned that you are stronger than you thought you were and more patient than you thought you were. You also learned that you were loved and needed.

You learned these things by giving your time, talents, advice, energy and commitment. Because you give so much, we hope that you get what you deserve, a break.

Have a wonderful holiday!


What is StudioBalfour?
StudioBalfour is a resource for our customers that provides teaching resources such as presentations and worksheets, links to Elements magazine, links to Yearbook Yearbook, information about upcoming workshops, and design and theme galleries to use as inspiration for your own book.

Other resources available at StudioBalfour include support material for our software and tools, clipart and background libraries, the Balfour merchandise catalog and supply desk, cover templates, Balfour cover options, and personalization forms.

StudioBalfour is also the hub for managing your online and on-campus sales as well as managing your QR Codes
and videos if you are taking advantage of, the first yearbook-connected video platform that allows schools to
safely link to online content from their printed Balfour yearbook.

Finally StudioBalfour is where you can print your sales reports, personalization reports, yearbook specs, deadlines and where you can view your page status, outstanding proofs, account information and payments.

All in all, StudioBalfour is the core of your yearbook experience and is a tool that will help you with every aspect of yearbook throughout the year.

How do I log into StudioBalfour?
Point your browser to and enter your log in information. If you are an online customer, your StudioBalfour log in information will be the same information you use to log into StudioWorks. If you are a BalfourTools customer, your user name will be sbadmin and your password will be your 5-digit job number backward.

How can I check my online orders?

Once you have entered, you will see the home page and if you have sold any books online, you will see a pie graph displaying how many books you have sold online, how many you have sold on-campus and how many you have left to sell. If you do not see that pie graph that is because you have not sold any online yet. Once a student purchases online, a pie graph will appear.

For the purpose of checking your online sales, you will need to click the Reports tab. There you will find several reports that you can choose to view:

Online Sales Summary: Shows you a summary of all of the students who have purchased, how much they paid,
and your total sales dollar amount (including yearbook add-ons).

Online Sales Detail Report: Downloads an excel file of the details of your sales including students' names and addresses, homeroom teachers, which add-ons they purchased (if you made that an option), their order date, and their payment information. This report will be most helpful to you on distribution day.

Options Report: Allows you to choose your available options from the drop down window to see how many have been purchased and who purchased them.

Orders Report: Downloads an excel file with students' names and purchase information.

Personalization Report: If you offered name stamping or nameplates, this will be where you will download your personalization information. You will have to submit this list to your account executive by January 15th if you are a spring delivery yearbook. You will receive a reminder email about this at that date approaches.

How do I enter on-campus orders at StudioBalfour?

Once you are logged into, Students & Orders item appears in the Manage menu. Once inside Students & Orders, you can enter on-campus orders individually. First you will need to add the student and then you will need to add the order, the personalization (if that option is available) and any accessories the student ordered. You add the order to the student by pushing the PLUS sign by that students name. On the confirmation page you can also print a receipt for your students.

Can we upload our list of students' names/addresses to the system so that then we only have to enter their order? If so, is
there a template/format we can use to sort our information so it will fit?

We will upload the list for you, the format can be found under Manage > Student & Orders > Knowledge Center. Once in Knowledge Center, you will use the On-Campus Orders excel form. Use your student list to paste the needed information into our file and email the list to:

Why is the only option for personalization nameplates? Our school prefers name stamping.

Once you put in the order for the yearbook, the option for name stamping (which is the foil stamp personalization option) becomes available. You can do up to 3 lines of name stamping and up to 4 icons. On the nameplates, you can have 1 line of personalization and up to 2 icons.

Does the system figure the price for the yearbook, accessories and personalization?

When you are entering in the yearbook and personalization order there is also a field to enter in the price that you are charging the students for those items. The accessory prices will be there for you and nothing will need to be keyed in. On the third step of entering on-campus orders, the "payment" step, you will enter in what the student paid and you will be able to see your calculated totals and calculated balances there.

For more information or if you have questions about StudioBalfour, please email me. I will also be sending this information out via email in the form of a PDF so that you can save it to your computer.
January 15: Exact Quantities Due (Spring Delivery Yearbooks)
You will receive an email early January reminding you of your original order and requesting you to reply if any changes need to be made. If is very important that you reply to that email by January 15th in order to make sure you receive the correct number of books.

January 15: Personalization Lists Due (Spring Delivery Yearbooks)
For schools that only offered personalization online, those lists will be pulled for you from and you will not need to submit anything. If you offered personalization through on-campus sales and not online or in addition to online, you will need to download a personalization form from and enter in your on campus personalizations there. You can find that form under Plan&Create-Covers. Once you have your complete list of personalizations, you will need to email that list to Bill Postlewait at If you have any questions about submitting personalization orders please email me.

January 15: Deadline to order sewn-in YearZines, Rewinds, or Autograph sections.

3 Reasons to Attend the 2012
Adviser Development Workshop
1. Get a new lease on your yearbook life.
Renew. Rejuvenate. Re-energize. Well, it's not exactly a trip to the day spa, but you will work with award-winning advisers to hone your skills and ignite your enthusiasm.

2. Work your mind & body.
It is easy to stay in shape at the workshop. You can work out in the Hilton's fitness center or enjoy optional/nearby recreational activities such as basketball, horseback riding, fishing, golf and tennis. There is also a walking/jogging track.
3. Engage in retail therapy.
Speaking of walking, Grapevine Mills Mall is within walking distance of the hotel. The mall features hundreds of great retail outlet stores, offering discounted prices on clothes, gifts, electronics and more. (It's a different kind of workout.)

Adviser Development: the details
2012 AD Wksp
Hilton DFW Lakes
Executive Conference Center 
Grapevine, TX (Dallas-Ft. Worth)
(within walking distance 
of Grapevine Mills Mall)
Friday, July 13


Saturday, Sunday & Monday
July 14-16

�  complimentary continental breakfast
�  complimentary lunch buffet
�  complimentary refreshment breaks
�  computer for technology training
�  in-service certificate


ROOM RATE per night:


'Tis the season to create holiday appeal for book sales.
With some card stock, a bit of glue and a touch of glitter,
send out an invitation to parents to give yearbooks to students as presents.


It's simple. Take a list of students and cross out the names of the ones who have already purchased a book.


Then contact parents (by telephone or email) of students who haven't yet ordered.
Once they have ordered, provide them with a special yearbook card for their students' stockings.  
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