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Celebrate students' academic and journalistic achievements.

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September 30: September Monthly Contest Deadline.   

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December 2: 2010-11 Publication Critiques - Entry Deadline  







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Nov. 17-20, 2011

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Your Yearbook Enhanced!

How are you going to use QR Codes this year?


bal4tv QR Code
Introducing BAL4.TV, the first yearbook-connected video platform that allows you to safely link to online content from your printed Balfour yearbook. Now, students can watch video highlights from the prom, theatre or the big game for decades to come. Thanks to BAL4.TV, the memories of a lifetime are just a click away.

Add video to your school yearbook. Balfour's QR codes make it easy.


BAL4.TV is an online platform from Balfour that allows you to safely and securely incorporate audio, video and other digital content into your printed yearbook - making it more engaging and desirable.


With BAL4.TV, a graduate can pull a printed yearbook off the shelf in 2020, view photos from his debate club days, and then using a smartphone, tablet, or computer -- link directly to a video for the team's state championship win.

By scanning a QR code - a new kind of bar code - it's easy to enrich your printed yearbook by instantly linking to related video. All BAL4.TV QR codes have a short URL printed underneath, providing video access to those who don't have a QR code scanner.


Simple to Use

The BAL4.TV platform makes it easy for you to expand your yearbook coverage through the storytelling power of video. Use one secure login to do the following:

  • Download unique QR codes
  • Insert QR codes directly into your yearbook design files
  • Upload, review, edit, update and approve videos
  • Personalize your school's BAL4.TV channel
Safe and Secure

Security is our top priority. Users must scan the QR code in their printed yearbooks or type in the unique short URL beneath it to access videos. There will be no way to search for videos; you must have the unique QR code or URL to access your content online.

Accessible for Decades

BAL4.TV guarantees your digital content's availability for the next 30 years. Unlike free, online video services, Balfour has committed resources to ensure that your videos will remain available and current with new video formats for decades.


Supported by Training

To help you ensure the success of your BAL4.TV yearbook program, Balfour provides extensive marketing and educational materials outlining best practices for use, promotion and sale of QR codes and related content.

For more information click here!

If you are needing help training your students or your yearbook committee, you are not alone. This is why we have created training videos that you can use as a classroom teaching tool.

In order to access those videos, please visit and log in using your 5 digit customer number as the username and your customer number backward as your password.

Once you are logged in, click the "Help!" link and then click the "Tech Tutorials" link. This will take you to a list of several videos that you can choose from.

Whitney Baker
Yearbook Specialist
816.512.2172 (office)
713.725.5303 (cell)

Click here to visit the Missouri Valley Balfour Office's website

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 What's new?    

    This is obviously a rhetorical question. You're reading the question in an email, so I can't hear your answer. 

    So, what's with rhetorical questions?

    They are a great way to make a point, but only if you answer your own rhetorical questions with relevant material that both answers the question and expands on it.
    Trying to answer someone else's rhetorical question can be funny.

      Marge Simpson (singing): "How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?"

       Homer Simpson: Seven.

       Lisa: No, dad, it's a rhetorical question.

       Homer Simpson: OK, eight. 

  So, to answer my own question, here's what's new.

more rhetoric 

white balance
One Setting Doesn't Fit All

Artificial light is not pure white. For example,  incandescent light has a yellow cast and fluorescent light emits a green light. Either way, your subject is bathed in unflattering hues.


Fortunately, our eyes adjust to lighting. Unfortunately, our cameras don't.



1. When using a simple point-and-shoot camera, take a photo of the whitest thing in the locale. The camera adjusts to the setting.
2. On some cameras, a white balance button offers lighting options (sunny, cloudy, fluorescent, incandescent, etc.)
3. If the camera has a white balance setting, take a photo of a white card that's in the same light as the subject being photographed.


REMEMBER: When the light changes, you need to re-establish what white is right. When you adjust to changing light, the camera will balance the levels of red, green and blue..


 cool link 

StudioBalfour, Gateway to Success
  EasyAccess. That's what I'm talking about. Let me show you how StudioBalfour is a singular destination for Balfour's advisers. It contains everything needed to make, market and sell a yearbook. And it includes several resources that you will want to access throughout the year, such as deadlines and account info.

Check it out at
StudioWorks customers should use their StudioWorks login information to access the site and Balfour Tools customers should use their project number and "sbadmin" as the username.  Your password will be your job number backward.

Within the site you can access:
  •  Learning resources include classroom-ready PowerPoints on every aspect of yearbook production. Downloadable handouts reinforce the teaching points
  • Classroom worksheets
  • A Yearbook Design Gallery
  • A sample list of theme ideas
  • Calendar of workshops
  • Elements Magazine
  • Yearbook Yearbook

StudioBalfour is the gateway to key resources:

  • StudioWorks (online publishing)
  • BalfourTools (InDesign plug-in)
  • BAL4.TV (QR code/video environment)
  • Elements of Yearbook (student/adviser resources)
  • Ad Builder (parent & student online resource)

The Beauty of the Beat
Beat Sheet
Staying Up With the Action

     Establishing a beat system will help your staff keep up with what's happening in your school. 

      Using lists of clubs, classes and sports, have students brainstorm beat possibilities. 

     Write the list on the board. Decide if any beats need to be added to the list (scouts, youth groups, etc.)

     Next, have students chose beats. (They may have several to cover.)

     The core of beat coverage is getting background information and the history of the group/class/sport. Have each student write down their best sources of information.

     Once they gather their backgound information, staff members are ready to feel the beat by having their fingers on the pulse of the school. Students must turn in their beat sheets weekly and place upcoming classroom and extracurricular activities on the calendar.

     Now there is no reason to miss anything. 


click for a PDF of the BEAT SHEET 

Mark your calendars for...

I am excited to announce that National Buy You Yearbook Day is approaching and I hope that your school will participate! Mark your calendars for November 9th, 2011.


>>What Is National Buy Your Yearbook Day?
 National Buy Your Yearbook Day (NBYYD) was created to designate a special time of the school year to focus specifically on yearbook sales and to allow your school to join with other schools in a coordinated national event. Note that NBYYD isn't meant to be a singular day for yearbook sales - rather, it's a day for your school to schedule their main yearbook sales period around and build excitement and a sense of urgency for the yearbook.  The goal of NBYYD is to help your school move away from having 'the yearbook on sale all year', which ultimately hampers yearbook sales. The day falls after most back-to-school festivities and before the holidays, so it's a perfect time to market the yearbook and reach out to those buyers who have not yet purchased.


>>Getting the word out
 Starting this week, you should receive a couple of emailsabout NBYYD. They will explain what NBYYD is, how you can promote the day, and provide suggestions to make their yearbook sale successful. We'll also hold activities and contests on the day of the sale for participating schools.


>>What You Can Do

1. Take advantage of Balfour's FREE Customized HTML Email promotion.


In order to promote NBYYD, we will send an email promotion to your yearbook buyers at no cost to you! To participate, you must be able to provide an email address list (in Excel spreadsheet format) to by Friday, Oct. 14. Emails will be scheduled for delivery between November 3 - 7 


2. Balfour has tons of promotional resources to help you sell.


In the Merchandise Catalog that you received a couple of weeks agoor online at StudioBalfour (, you can browse and order all of Balfour's yearbook promotional materials like posters, banners, sales day promos and other on-campus visuals to alert students and parents about the sale.To order items simply email the supply desk at and the items will be shipped to you that very day.  


In addition to these, there are plenty of FREE resources available. Customizable Yearbook Buzz flyers, NBYYD ads, 'Buy a Yearbook' web buttons, yearbook commercials and P.A. announcement teaser sounds are all available for download in StudioBalfour. You'll find these in the Plan & Create > Yearbook Supplies section (click on any of the Marketing categories).  


To log into Studio.Balfour, you will need your project number and your StudioWorks log in information. If you are a Balfour Tools customer and not a StudioWorks customer, you will use the following format to log in.


               Project Number:  212345

               Username:  sbadmin

               Password:  54321 (your job number backward)


3. Create excitement on Sale Day! 

Your school can participate in contests for prizes on November 9. Advisers and students can enter to win prizes such as gift cards, pizza parties or giveaways. Maybe we'll ask for a photo of flyers being handed out in the carpool lane, or a picture of a yearbook buyer wearing orange or the most creative marketing idea. Whatever it is, it will be fun, easy and a great way to keep momentum going.

Contests can be entered through our NBYYD email address at OR on the Balfour Facebook Fan page.  Be sure to "Like" our Facebook page so you will be ready to participate. We'll also be posting news and tips about NBYYD on Facebook throughout the next month.


This will be a great way to get your sales off to a great start! Keep your eye out for more information coming your way this week. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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