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Bali, Indonesia Meetings
There are 1,000 islands in Indonesia. Bali is one island and is dominated by the Hindu religion and it's culture. Poverty is shared by all the islanders in a Tropical hot climate.
Our trip to Bali was a Very Long Trip from the USA. It took 32 hours to get from Colorado to Australia, then another 5 hours air flight to the island of Bali. It is a third world country with its cultural superstition, and beautiful, simple people. The tropical climate was always in the 90's F (30's C) with high humidity. 

We were well received by the local church people and the Hindu's. After the weekend of meetings some said ... Jim stepped on their toes ... unsettled their complacency ... took away their excuses for the flesh still ruling and dominating in their lives ... opened the reality that faulty marriages revealed a lack of God in their homes. They also said Jesus was made more real and personal ... God was seen as Bigger than their flesh, habits and emotions. It awakened Hope, Desire, and an awareness of a better life In Christ than what they were experiencing at present.

The more Jim and Sally talked, the more the cry of their own hearts and consciences were awakened to what could be in their homes if they chose to risk TRUSTING Jesus in a deeper way. They wanted this Powerful God. Oh to let go of "old habits" that presently ruled over them. Oh to learn to truly "love their spouses" to get along, to not get angry and push each other away. Oh to "not be ruled by emotions" but be empowered to do the right! Regret and hope were awakened in the longing of their hearts. Now it was between them and their God.

Pastor's wife

Come Sunday Jim was going to close the meeting and make materials available to help them apply what we talked about and to help them recall the messages. But Karen didn't want the meeting closed yet. She had something on her heart to say that was accompanied with timidity and some fear to be this open with her church. She shared what troubled their marriage and with such strong emotion she could not finish her profound statement of hope from God to change after these meetings. Her husband came up to take the mic and complete their story. I don't think there was a dry eye there.


A business man arose to say how conviction came in and he saw uncomfortably how he was not the Christian he thought he was. That God wanted to transform his life to be so much more than it was. His heart was hearing the call of God to come to Christ. Desire sprang up for the genuine fruit of that closer walk with Christ. He saw the power to change In Christ to be oh so much more. He could live as Jesus did and change himself, his marriage and family to truly glorify God in character.

Another man--a pilot arose to share his story, his problems, his reality, and his hope to change In Christ. And several more followed in this same train. Tears were awakened with each person's real issues that needed Jesus to be Real in their lives and transform them into what God wanted them to be In Him. The Holy Spirit awakened Hope in each ones heart.

We need a personal walk with God that is "Lo I am always with you. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." We need a viable connection like the Branch to the Vine. No longer that on and off connection that is too familiar. Union and communion with God is our source of power, direction, confidence, and healing from our past and present circumstances that confound us. We have a loving, forgiving God that will put His arm around us and walk us out of our Pits onto a solid Rock foundation. If we will confess our sins, choose against them by a connection with God success is ours. In Christ, forgiven there is a future for every one of us sinners. We can walk in newness of life. May we each be stirred by God and take that step closer and closer to Jesus until we are the clinging branch to the Vine receiving life where there was no life before. To God be that Hope ... Power ... Transforming Grace in Our Lives today.

In His Steps,
Jim & Sally

                     Invite Jesus to be at your Side directing your steps!