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August 17th, 2017 

Ballard ArtWalk
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Aug 11-20
Aug 18
Scandinavian Lunch @ Ballard NW Senior Center 
Aug 19-20 Viking Days @ Nordic Heritage Museum
Aug 19
Aug 20
Ballard Farmers Market @ Ballard Ave
Aug 21-27
Annex Mule - Highball Week @ Ballard Annex Oyster House
Aug 22
Aug 22
Beers with Beth @ Lagunitas Tap Room
Aug 22
Dead Spells @ Sunset Tavern
Aug 24
Aug 25 Men's Breakfast @ Ballard NW Senior Center
Aug 25
Sep 9
Our Ballard

Ballard has such a rich history and many neighborhood dining establishments have preserved the history of the building or have carried on many elements of the location's original function.  Even with this recent wave of gentrification and population increase in Ballard, some places remain fixtures such as: the Salmon Bay CafĂ©, Ballard Smoke Shop, The Lockspot, Hattie's Hat and The Sunset Tavern.

Many of these restaurants' walls could tell quite a few stories if they could talk and Hattie's Hat is no exception. Originally t he Old Home Saloon, beckoned patrons with a chance to get a shave, haircut, food, drinks and some gambling all in one convenient location. The Old Home became Ballard's fine dining restaurant in the 1950s as Malman's Fine Food, until it became Hattie's Hat 1967.  Hattie's is named after the previous owner, George Evans' mother-in-law. 

Current owner of Hattie's Hat, The Sunset Tavern and Al's Tavern (Wallingford), Max Genereaux describes his ownership of these long-time establishments as, "a steward, as opposed to an owner. The bars own themselves and I am just here to guide them for a short while."

Each new concept and owner brings their own flare and creativity.  When Max remodeled The Sunset in 2014, he said he was inspired by " the pictures and memorabilia from the basement of my great-great uncle Clint.  He served as an aircraft mechanic on the USS Enterprise in the Pacific during WWII.  There's a lot of classic imagery and iconography that comes from that specific point in history." There are still elements of the previous design, inspired by Chinese restaurant lounges, in the back area where patrons enjoy bands from all over the world and many local favorites.

As Ballard evolves as a neighborhood, we are witness to so many of the layers of its history that remain on display or are woven into a modern context. New concepts and cuisines are married into what made Ballard unique - mill workers, maritime and a whole lot of Nordic influence.

We'd be remiss not wishing the owners of The People's Pub the best of luck in the future. What are your favorite neighborhood restaurant/bar icons? What stories have you heard the walls tell? Please share them with us on @visitballard.

Page and Tim Harader, Owners

What is your favorite aspect of owning a business in Ballard?
Definitely the community.  We chose Ballard for  Portal
because we live in Sunset Hill and wanted to work in the same neighborhood where we were living.  We love that many of our customers live in Ballard and discovered us simply by walking past.

What Makes Portal Virtual Reality Arcade Unique?
Other than being the first VR arcade in Seattle,  Portal  is unique in that we've created a social environment where people (of all ages) can enjoy hanging out to watch other people play in VR while enjoying drinks (including beer) and snacks.  You wouldn't naturally think so, but VR is a really fun spectator activity.

What do we want people to know about your business?  
Portal  is not like a traditional arcade, it's a laid back, comfortable place (to be entertained and engaged) that is great for adults and kids.  People usually come with others who either rent their own time in VR or just hang out and watch.  We host many kid and adult birthday parties, group and office team events.  For private events we allow you to bring in your own food as well.

What is your favorite place or thing to do in Ballard?
Besides playing VR at  Portal  of course, we love to just walk around Ballard. The shops, farmers market and movie theater are frequent destinations for us. But, the thing we do the most in Ballard is EAT. The selection of amazing restaurants, cafes and dessert shops keeps us very happy.

2601 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107

It seemed to go on forever, but the Millionar Club team members found the telephone pole under a
plethora of advertising posters. 

Here is the after photograph. It took many hours of work but our Ballard Alliance clean team stripped this pole down to its original state.  

Enjoy your summer Ballard!
A special thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the August 12th  Ballard ArtWalk !
We look forward to another great event on September 9th - mark your calendars.