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August 3rd, 2017 

Ballard Commons Park 
Upcoming Events

Aug 4 Marika Hackman @ The Sunset
Aug 4 Ice Cream Social and Summer Raffle Drawing @ Ballard NW Senior Center
Aug 5
Heels To The Hardwood @ Tractor Tavern
Aug 6
Aug 10-13
Aug 11-20
Camelion Design's 20th Anniversary Sale @ Camelion Designs
Aug 11
Movies at the Marina @ Shilshole Bay Marina "Secret Life of Pets"
Aug 12
re--souL's 15th Anniversary @ re-souL 
Aug 12
Aug 19-20
Aug 19
Aug 20
Dori Hillestad Butler - Book Launch Party @ Secret Garden Books
Aug 24 Ballard Alliance After-Hours @ ODIN Apartments Rooftop
Our Ballard
Ballard Commons Park is a sensitive subject for many Ballard business owners and residents. As the city continues to search for solutions to the homelessness and drug abuse epidemic affecting so many in Seattle, there are things that the citizens can do to keep the city's focus on our neighborhood. The Ballard Alliance is also working closely with local law enforcement and city departments to help ease the amount of nefarious activity in the Ballard Commons park.

It is critical that business owners and residents of Ballard report and document unsafe activity to ensure that the city continues to increase its efforts to make Ballard Commons Park a safe place for all.  Here are some things that you can do to help shine a light on the challenges our neighborhood faces at the park:
  • If you see or are experiencing a dangerous situation, call 9-1-1 immediately
  • Do not confront individuals on your own
  • The police will arrive as soon as possible (and patrol the area around Ballard Commons regularly) but keep in mind that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) says that unless the individuals and the activities you are reporting are violating the law, the police can not take any enforcement action
  • Violations of the law include: drinking alcohol in public park, smoking, doing drugs, camping, assaulting, damaging property and harassing. If you see this activity in the park, please call the police
If you are witness to activity that is not an emergency issue, but still of concern, please contact the SPD North Precinct non-emergency line: 206-684-0850

Here are other specific departments and services within the city to report things of concern that are non-emergency in nature. While the process takes time, the more the City hears from businesses and residents like you within the Ballard community, it will increase the City's prioritization of our issues and concerns. Please consider taking the following additional steps:

Report Illegal camping with the Customer Service Bureau

Use REQUEST A CITY SERVICE to file a variety of different complaints/requests/notifications (everything from reporting abandoned vehicles to ADA requests).

Download the City of Seattle's FIND IT - FIX IT app on your mobile device and use this reporting mechanism.

Parks Department (specifically for Ballard)

Also, the North Precinct Advisory Council holds monthly meetings that address different topics and is open to the public. The meetings are on a Summer hiatus and will resume in September.  

The Ballard Alliance will continue to work toward making Ballard cleaner, healthier and safer. If you have specific concerns or ideas please contact us at or 206-784-9705.  

Sharon Setzer, Chair
What do we want people to know about Restyle for Ryther?  
ReStyle for Ryther is a quality thrift store operated by many dedicated Ryther Child Center League volunteers. All net proceeds support Ryther's Cottage program in North Seattle where abused and neglected children receive 24/7 care and treatment so that they can succeed in a family, in school and in life. Ryther cares for our community's most vulnerable children, youth and young adults and has both residential and outpatient treatment. Services include psychiatry, psychology, substance use counseling and therapy. Ryther's legacy began in 1885 when Olive Ryther took in her dying neighbor's children and ended up raising over 3,000 children in Seattle in various orphanages.

What Makes ReStyle for Ryther Unique?
Ballard has been our home since 1941 with a recent remodel in 2013 and is now proud to offer great value on quality clothing and shoes for both women and men, jewelry, accessories, home d├ęcor, small kitchen items, art, books, CDs and more. It is conveniently located on historic  Ballard Ave NW, close to the Sunday market and near many great eateries and shops. We have wonderful donations and that is the main thing that makes us unique.  I feel it is like a Thrift Boutique on an historical street in the city.

What is your favorite aspect of running a non-profit in Ballard? 
I had never run a retail operation before and what I enjoy is getting to know the volunteers, including several from Ballard, as well as the locals and visitors. This makes it a delight!  The conversations we have are so interesting. It's great when I see locals become regulars in the store. The people who live and shop in Ballard are a unique and wonderful group.
What is your favorite place or thing to do in Ballard?
Our store is open 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. so afterwards I like to do a Happy Hour.  There are so many great restaurants in the area, one can eat almost any type food.  We are lucky we are located right between the Sunset Tavern and the Smoke Shop.  Both of these establishments have been in business for years.  Many new "hip" places, too.  There are so many great small shops on Ballard Avenue and Market Street, I tell friends to come to Ballard and plan to stay the day. 

ReStyle for Ryther
5435 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107


Did you know that the ODIN's architecture was inspired by a geode? In 2016, Odin Apartments received the Gold Nugget Award. This award recognizes those who contribute to their communities through exceptional design, planning and development. Nice work ODIN Apartments!

Would you like to connect with the Ballard community and be a part of supporting the arts in Ballard? Please come have some fun with us at the Ballard ArtWalk. Primarily, we are looking for event ambassadors to help guide our patrons to locations around the neighborhood. 
If you have any questions, please contact Devin Reynolds at 206-784-9705 Extension 3. 

AUG 10th - 13th
Ballard businesses are bringing the party outside on August 10th through 13th with great deals and an array of different products. Wander the streets and find treasures or essential items all over Ballard.  


CORRECTION: In our last Ballard Bulletin edition, we inserted the wrong graphic for the talented Lisa Stewart's Build Your Own Business website. Check out all the services Lisa provides the Ballard business community at: