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December 7th, 2017 
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KEXP presents: Maldoggies Family Christmas w/ Widower @ Tractor Tavern
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A Very Country Christmas- feat Vaudeville Etiquette, Sarah Gerritsen & more @ Tractor Tavern
Our Ballard
One phrase stands out while being driven indoors this time of year:  Eat, Drink & Be Merry ! Luckily, visitors and residents of Ballard have so many choices in our upper- left side of town. Whether flying solo or entertaining a large group for a night out, Ballard is never short on food and beverage options. Disclaimer: The following is a snapshot of the myriad of great dining opportunities offered in Ballard.

Let's start with a sip of something to wake up your pallet and your mind. Pull up a seat or melt into the comfy couch at Caffe Umbria for a perfectly poured espresso drink that will have you saying amore mio!  Craving the leaf? Next door to Caffe Umbria, in the historical Portland Building across from the Ballard Centennial Bell tower, is Miro Tea. The recently remodeled Miro Tea has every assortment of flavors and styles to warm you up whether you prefer bitter or sweet tastes. Can't shake the yawns during these short days and looking for a neighborhood escape? Ballard Coffee Works. No seriously, it really does the trick and right in the heart of Market Street.  Looking for a boost of inspiration? Head over to Bauhaus Strong Coffee.  All the windows make for great people watching or a daydreaming hot spot. Sneak up the road to a quieter part of town at Mabel's place. Mabel's coffee is the perfect neighborhood coffee shop to ease into the day or set up to work remotely.

Does your stomach rumble every time you are headed to the gym and pass by the delicious scents of savory meats sizzling by wood fire from Bitterroot? Fear not, there are plenty of choices around Ballard Avenue for all the carnivores looking to satiate their appetites with protein. Carnivore, which opened this year, kind of says it like it is, and takes meat to a whole new level by keeping it simple. 
They also have some incredible mixologists making sure you have something amazing to compliment your perfectly cooked meat selection.  Using high heat and mesquite wood Asadero Ballard's traditional Sinaloan methods give their meats a unique flavor.  Enjoy being greeted by Katrina, her out of this world charm will be sure to set the tone for a fun evening.

Want to stay trim and healthy during the month where it seems impossible to resist temptation because your co-workers keep bringing in irresistible snacks that you happen to find at 3:30 in the afternoon? Poke Lover just opened up on Market Street between The Matador and Root Table. Poke Lover joins No Vacancy Poke and Poke Square in Ballard. Ballardites always welcome a fresh light bowl of goodness to the neighborhood!

The weather outside is frightful but a bowl of soup is delightful. Ahhh, Monkey Bridge, Pho Big BowlAnn's, Arashi Ramen, Pho Than Brothers Jhanjay, Sen noodle bar... so many international soup options.  It warms our soul just thinking about all of them.

Brunch is our favorite hybrid meal of the day and a great way to enjoy a casual gathering with your out-oftown guests. Skillet Ballard marries old fashioned comfort with modern day palettes. Hi-Life has become synonymous with brunch in Ballard and they are very kid-friendly.  Kick it old school on the water at the Salmon Bay Cafe - a traditional neighborhood diner with all the essential breakfast fare.  Dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner is no problem at the iconic Ballard Smoke Shop. Or you can head over to Vera's and say hi to your neighbors and cure your desire for crispy hash browns.   

See food inspirations from every continent in our neighborhood, but stay for the actual seafood. We're not known as the Scandinavian fishing village for nothing. Many well-known chefs have planted a flag declaring Ballard Seattle's Seafood Destination with their restaurants. The iconic Ray's Boathouse & Cafe offers delicious Pacific Northwest favorites with arguably the best restaurant view in Ballard.

This season they are offering special menus on the holidays. The Boathouse and Cafe will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until 8 p.m. However, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. the Boathouse will offer a Three-Course Holiday inspired dinner menu for $60 per person, featuring soup or salad, choice of entrĂ©e, and dessert (beverages, tax and gratuity not included), as well as its regular dinner menu. Walrus and the Carpenter draws in a crowd from around the world to try one oftheir shuckingly delicious oysters straight from the bar or selfishly indulge in fresh shellfish with family and friends at Ballard Annex Oyster HouseYet another home-run restaurant by Chef Ethan Stowell is Marine Hardware (next to Staple & Fancy).  Small plates that offer big flavor and there is always a dish inspired by the sea on the menu. 
Now to offer you some comfort and joy - comfort foods. Is it possible to use portion control with these things?! Not that we are encouraging you to skip a stop into Kavu, Patagonia or Filson, but comfort foods made by our famous Ballard chefs provide that extra layer needed when the weather is frightful and it is completely worth it. Bramling Cross is the perfect location to try the world-famous dynamite fried chicken by Chef and Restaurateur Ethan Stowell. Pair that with their caramelized cauliflower and "pickle" fries you will be begging for a nice cozy fireplace to curl up in front of for a long winter's nap.  With a name like Skillet you know that some good old American goodness is coming. In addition to their generous offering of vegetarian and gluten-free menu items using fresh ingredients, comfort food rules. And one of their dripping with gooey deliciousness burgers never disappoints.
These are just a sampling of the tasty options Ballard neighborhood restaurants offer as there are too many to list. If you did not read about your favorite haunt, share it with us because we would love to feature more articles with an emphasis on the places we all love in Ballard. Reading this may serve as the perfect friendly reminder to put your reservations in early for upcoming holiday gatherings, because the word is out on our locally-loved and internationally-renowned Ballard cuisine
Roger Lorenze, Commercial Real Estate Broker -  EWING & CLARK, Inc.

What is your favorite aspect of focusing your business in Ballard?
The best things about working on real estate projects in Ballard are that we truly care what type of businesses, business owners and property owners end up in Ballard. We want business and people that will thrive and add to the synergy that already exists in the neighborhood.

What makes Ewing & Clark, Inc. unique?
At Ewing & Clark, Inc. we not only do business and play in Ballard we own property. It starts from the top down. Our owners (the Losh Family) own property on Ballard Avenue and I personally have a small stake in an office building in the neighborhood. Other members of our commercial department live in Ballard as well. 

What do you want people to know about your business? 
Recently we were involved in the sale of Our Vodka Distillery on Market Avenue to Heritage Distilling Company (Gig Harbor, WA.). Heritage will be a nice fit in Ballard. Also, we are working on bringing a Scandinavian themed bar / restaurant to Ballard Avenue. We have been doing work with Larson's Bakery and are in the process of trying to bring a new tenant to the waterfront space that was formerly Anthony's Seafood Restaurant on Seaview Avenue.

What is your favorite place or thing to do in Ballard?
Favorite thing to do in Ballard is walk the Sunday Market followed by brunch at Bastille. We also enjoy spending an afternoon visiting some of the local, craft breweries.

Contact Roger Lorenze for commercial real estate sales and leasing in Ballard at 206.406.1547.

The Mailbox Ballard is under new ownership but is continuing the tradition of excellenct customer care and service. Ballard residents with strong roots in the community, Melissa and Andy Wagenbrenner are the new owners of the business and said when looking to own a business in Ballard they, "weren't sure exactly what to open, but we knew we wanted it to be community-oriented." 

The Ballard Community extends a big welcome to the neighborhood to the Wagenbrenner family. And we would like to share a sincere fair winds and following seas to the previous owner, Ferrol Williams who started the business in 1996. The Wagenbrenners plan to continue many of Ferrol's traditions, such as collecting money and items for the Old Dog Haven rescue, as well as create their own right out of the gate. 

In addition to offering  mailbox rentals, pack and ship services with UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS, and business services, and carry a unique and eclectic array of greeting and gift items,  The Mailbox Ballard has started a Letters to Santa program. This month they have a kids' area set up in the store where children can come in and write their letters to Santa and for every letter sent via their North Pole mailbox they will make a donation to Mary's Place.  

A great opportunity to welcome the long time residents to the Ballard business community is at their welcome party/open house on December 16th from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Stop by and say hello and enjoy  live holiday music, treats and a few raffles. 

The Mailbox Ballard is located at 2400 NW 80th Street, Seattle, WA 98117


One of the most interesting aspects of having so many independent businesses is the variety of programs they create to give back to the community. Secret Garden Books has created something special by giving the gift of reading to children in the Seattle area. In its 4th year, the Annual Book Angels program has gone to the elves. This year is their Elf Edition and there is still time to pick out a favorite book for a child to treasure this season. 

"We welcome our customers to pick an elf shoe, and choose a book or gift certificate to fulfill the wish. You'll get a discount on the book and we'll wrap it and make sure it gets hand delivered to the proper school before the start of winter recess. Books will be put in backpacks, given to parents, or handed directly to the kids," said Secret Garden Books owner Christy McDanold. 



The Ballard Alliance's Executive Director, Mike Stewart and Economic Development Specialist, Devin Reynolds shared information about the proposed park project with the Ballard Farmers Market goers last Sunday.

The Ballard Alliance in partnership with community members, city organizations and business leaders are interested in creating a children's play area in the Ballard Commons Park.

The project is in the initial public outreach stage and has not been funded for construction. 
We would appreciate your feedback by taking a brief online survey to help create a park that serves the entire Ballard community.  To learn more about the proposed project please go to: