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February 16, 2017 


Upcoming Events
February 17
Actionesse, Butt Dial, Carnivel Band @ Conor Byrne
February 18
Sundries, The Hollers, Golden Idols @ Sunset Tavern
February 19
Ballard Farmer's Market
February 20
Beer Feast with Standard Brewing @ Bramling Cross
February 23
Ballard Alliance After-Hours (RSVP only)
March 8
Ballard Alliance Luncheon-Speed Networking @ Ray's Boathouse
March 18
Norwegian Heritage Day @ Leif Erikson Lodge
March 24
An Evening of Jazz @ Leif Erikson Lodge
March 26
Spring for Seniors Auction and Dinner @ Ballard NW Senior Center
What's Happening
The Ballard Alliance would like our members to become more involved with the organization. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the community is through one of our committees. There are a limited number of spots on each committee, so if you would like to be considered please submit your application soon.

We have four core committees that serve in an advisory capacity to the organization - Marketing and Membership, Programs, Public Policy and SeafoodFest. Committee members must commit to consistent active participation, and support the goals of the committee and the organization.

We would like to introduce you to our 2017 Committee Chairs and a brief description of each committee.

Co-Chair: Lanne Stauffer, Market Street Shoes
Co-Chair: Eli Fisher, Athlete Network 
This committee advises the organization on matters related to marketing and membership, including the development of marketing tools, promotional campaigns and events, member benefits and outreach, and membership recruitment.

Chair: Candace Cothran, People's Bank
The Programs Committee develops and drives the programs agenda for the year. Typical programs include regular lunch meetings, speaker opportunities, After Hours events and other special events (e.g. Mariners Games, golf tournament etc.).
Chair: Charles Costanzo, American Waterways Operators 
The Public Policy Committee advises on issues that are critical to the needs of Ballard area businesses and residents. Because of the significant breadth of issue areas, the committee is divides into two active subcommittees:
          ~Clean/Healthy/Safe Subcommittee - Advises on policies and programs related to homelessness, street cleaning,                   mental health outreach, the Seattle Police Department and other identified issue areas.
          ~Economic Development Subcommittee - Advises on policies and programs related to economic development,                       business retention and recruitment, urban design, transportation, tax policy and other relevant legislative issues.
Chair: Mike Stewart, Ballard Alliance
Committee participants are closely involved with the planning and implementation of the annual Ballard SeafoodFest. This committee requires a significant time commitment, particularly the weeks leading up to - and the weekend of - this summer event.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: Another option for involvement is to become an Event Ambassador--this volunteer position will help greet guests at the Ballard Alliance events and assists throughout the program. We have at least one event per month and would love to have you help us. Contact Anndrea Dohring if you are interesting in learning more about this position.

Last, but certainly not least, SeafoodFest is made possible each year because of the hardworking and dedicated group of volunteers.
  Feeling fishy? There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities during SeafoodFest weekend this year (July 7-9). Volunteering for SeafoodFest is a great way to celebrate Ballard, connect with your community and have fun at the same time!
We will send out a volunteer sign-up link with a list of SeafoodFest volunteer positions in the next few weeks.

How did Page Ahead get started?
A group of professionals who were in Leadership Tomorrow (part of the Seattle Chamber at the time) started Page Ahead in 1990. They were concerned that there was no comprehensive program in the Puget Sound area to support economically and educationally disadvantaged children's literacy needs. They wanted to give children books for "enjoyment reading" to help them develop a love of reading and thereby enhance their literacy skills.
I have always loved books and reading (although I am not sure that is something unique in a place like Seattle!). I grew up on a small farm in Eastern Washington and I feel books opened whole new worlds to me. I could easily identify with characters like Fern in Charlotte's Web, but I was totally fascinated by books like The Cricket in Times Square. Books can be mirrors or books can be windows.
What makes your organization and services unique?
Page Ahead's focus is on prevention-we want to help kids that are most likely to struggle with reading (children from low-income homes, are learning English, etc), and get them what they need early. We are also really child focused. Students in our programs get to choose the books THEY want to read, not what their teacher or other adults think they should pick. Kids who read what they want retain 50% more of what they read. They are also much more motivated to read!
What do you want people to know about you or your organization?
Last year in Washington only 37% of low-income children met standard in reading by the end of 3rd grade. It's a critical benchmark for a reason - kids who don't read at grade level by 3rd grade are FOUR TIMES more likely to drop out of school. I think as business-people, we need to push for more supports for these kids because they are our future employees and customers. And as human beings - education is the foundation of a just society. It is unfair that your educational success is determined by your zip code.
What is your favorite place or thing to do in Ballard?
This is a hard one-I've lived in Ballard for 17 years so there are many, many things I love. If I had to choose just one thing-I would have to say the Sunday Farmers Market is probably tops for me. I love to cook and I realize how fortunate we are to have such a fabulous market year-round! Runners up: watching baseball games with my husband at Olaf's and playing beach volleyball on Thursday nights at Golden Gardens!
To learn more about Page Ahead or if you are interesting in becoming more involved go to or email
1130 NW 85th Street, Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 461-0123

Bring a stack of business cards to the next Ballard Alliance Luncheon at Ray's Boathouse on March 8th from noon until 1:30 p.m. 

This lunch gives you the opportunity to share what you do with others and learn about Alliance members. Get connected and be sure to REGISTER, space is limited!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8th 12:00 p.m. -- 1:30 p.m.

Ray's Boathouse - Northwest Room
6049 Seaview Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107  

For questions: contact 


Did you know you could rent the Leif Erikson Hall for special events? 
There are a number of different room options for events such as: banquets, receptions, weddings, birthdays, dances, anniversaries, parties, meetings, fundraisers, auctions and concerts.

Auditorium: Capacity is approximately 300-350 people depending upon set-up.
Norna Room: Capacity is 30
Commerical Kitchen: Rented with Auditorium or separately.
Kaffestua: Capacity for the cafe with a kitchen is 35 people. 

Speaking of Kaffestua... On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m until 2:30 p.m. make Kaffestua your lunch destination.  They serve tasty little sandwiches and coffee.

2245 NW 57th Street
Seattle, WA 98107

You may have noticed the signs adorning the front windows of your favorite Ballard restaurants recently.  The Seattle and King County Public Health Department now requires every food establishment to show their rating to the public.

Unlike California's alphabetical rating system, King County decided to rate their restaurants from "needs to improve" to "excellent" and provides corresponding neutral or smiley faces on the rating. 
The four food safety ratings are:
  • Needs to Improve: The restaurant was either closed by Public Health - Seattle & King County within the last year or the restaurant needed multiple return inspections to fix food safety practices. 
  • Okay: The restaurant has had MANY red critical violations over the last four inspections.
  • Good: The restaurant has had SOME red critical violations over the last four inspections.
  • Excellent: The restaurant has had NO or FEW red critical violations over the last four inspections. 
Has this new measure made you more or less likely to frequent a restaurant? What do restaurant owners think about this level of transparency? Has it helped or hurt business in the past month? 

We would love to hear your feedback on this topic.  

The Ballard Alliance has streamlined its invoicing system and restructured member benefits to better serve our members in and outside the BIA boundary. Depending on your business's location and your membership anniversary date, you should have received a letter from the Ballard Alliance in the mail this week.  In the future, billing for membership dues for members outside the BIA will occur on the first of the calendar year and we accept payments online or by check.

If you have questions about your membership, invoice or refund check (if applicable), please contact Anndrea Dohring at 206-784-9705, extension 2. 


Norwegian or not, this all-day celebration is free and open to the public. Alle er Velkommen! 

Start off with the Leif to Leif 5K Run/Walk at 9 a.m. and then enjoy the Tastes of Norway with music, folk songs, folk costumes, crafts, Scandinavian gifts and children's activities throughout the day at the Leif Erikson Lodge. 

Brought to you by the Sons of Norway.

MARCH 18th, 2017
Sons of Norway | Ballard
2245 NW 57th AVE NW
Seattle, WA 98107

9:00 a.m. - Leif to Leif 5k Run/Walk (registration begins at 8:00 a.m.)  

10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Taste of Norway