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May 25th, 2017 

Ballard ArtWalk 
Thanks Jan and Members
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May 27 Mighty-O Tour de Donut
May 28
Sir Richard Bishop @ Sunset Tavern
May 28
Ballard Locks Free Summer Concert in the Park
May 29
Happy  Memorial  Day!
June 4
VIP Seafood BBQ and Tour @ Pacific Fishermen Shipyard benefiting Nordic Heritage Museum
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Happy Father's Day!
June 22
The Joe August Band @ Tractor Tavern
June 22 Ballard Alliance After Hours
What's Happening
Patrons piled into the Ballard Alliance space at the Sanborn Building lobby to watch artist David Johansson create another masterpiece at the Second Saturday Ballard ArtWalk on May 13. Meanwhile over at the Ballard Landmark, the young and more seasoned patrons danced to the beat of The Done Goners and watched Bruce McIntyre spin up some of his fast-selling pottery. 

A thunderstorm could not keep folks away from the Ballard ArtWalk, which returned to its second Saturday of the month home. The Ballard ArtWalk creates a platform for businesses to showcase what they do and support and celebrate the art community.

Providing a venue to display and sell their work in a fun atmosphere is priceless for many talented artists, such as Laurene Hillion. Laurene was one of the Ballard Alliance's featured artists this month. "I am so glad I participated to the Ballard ArtWalk! It was the perfect way for me to show my work and get useful and very positive feedback, as well as selling some paintings. I really enjoyed meeting other artists as well as conversing with people who stopped in after an evening out to dinner," said Laurene. 

Many business owners display artwork from their featured artist all month long. Diane Macrae, Owner of Venue does this 24/7/365. Diane's business lives and breathes supporting local artists every day. It is a part of her company's mission and culture to create a space that showcases "all local-all art". 

When the Ballard Alliance brought the event back to its original day Diane shared that she was "so excited to have ArtWalk back on the Second Saturday in Ballard. We had such a great turnout and several of our guests commented on how happy they are that ArtWalk is on Saturday again. The addition of street music and live art demonstrations really brought it to a whole new level." The Ballard ArtWalk is continuing to bring it to another level each month and June will usher in some interesting displays and performances. Mark your calendars for June 10th from 6-9 PM.

Craig Lundgren, Owner

What is your favorite aspect of owning a business in Ballard?
The sense of community that one feels having a business here in Ballard is special.  Local merchants and residents are very supportive of local businesses.

What makes Lundgren Enterprises unique?
We have a very interactive showroom where our clients can see, use and compare all different types of windows and doors to allow them to select the best fit for their style, taste and budget.

What do we want people to know about your business?
I have been selling windows and doors in Ballard since 1993 when I opened a showroom on Ballard Avenue and later moved up to our current Market Street location.

What is our favorite place or thing to do in Ballard?
Place? How about places? There are so many great places in Ballard. Stoneburner and Picolinos have to be at the top of the list for food, although there are so many exceptional dining opportunities.  Shilshole, Golden Gardens and Ballard Avenue are some of my favorite locations for sight-seeing, and the list goes on and on.

2425 NW Market Street Seattle, WA 98107

And the winner for Novelty float at the 2017 Syttende Mai Seattle Parade goes to... 
Ballard SeafoodFest!
What do you get when you put an Attorney, Executive Director, two Business Owners, an Economic Development Specialist and a Marketing Manager on the back of a flatbed truck? The Ballard SeafoodFest Band on parade of course. 

It was an honor and a whole lot of fun for these Ballard Alliance staff and board members to represent SeafoodFest at this year's 17th of May parade. Many thanks go out to the front man Mr. Thomas "Muddy" O'Connell who sang lead and played guitar. On electric guitar were Eric Stoll, from Stoll Petteys PLLC, and Devin Reynolds. Mike Stewart played electric bass and Anndrea Dohring sang back up and played tambourine. Keeping the beat was re-souL's own, Legh Burns on drums. 

Thank you to all the folks that came out to support and enjoy this fun event. A big round of applause to Big "D" Towing for keeping the band rocking and ROLLING!

Speaking of Ballard SeafoodFest and fun...

We still have volunteer opportunities at this year's festival on July 7th, 8th and 9th.  Grab a group of friends or co-workers and sign-up for a shift. 

Besides having fun at this iconic annual event, volunteers receive a free salmon dinner, beverage tokens and the opportunity to wear your company's/organization's gear during your shift.

Yesterday Jan Colbrese, Nordic Heritage Museum's Deputy Director of External Affairs, spoke to a full room of members and guests at Ray's. Jan shared some background stories and updates on the new Nordic museum. The next Alliance luncheon is at the ball park!  Network and root on the Mariners, July 26th at Safeco Field.  There are still some tickets left. And it is a great excuse to get out of the office on a beautiful summer afternoon. Register HERE!
Featuring LIVE MUSIC by  The Done Goners and Joshua Kendrick of Low Bodies

Ballard ArtWalk is going to LIGHT up Market Street. Be on the lookout at Annie's Art and Frame for a surprise installation. To learn more or to volunteer to help with this event, please contact  Devin Reynolds   at 206-784-9705 ext 3.
Painting by Tami Bensen
Find Tami's lovely works at the Ballard Alliance space in the Sanborn Building lobby during the June 2017 Ballard ArtWalk.
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