January 18th, 2018
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Spaghetti Dinner
Volunteer & Tickets 

Be totally awesome and volunteer for the Spaghetti Dinner.  
Sign up to volunteer here:

Adults and students are needed to help make this event a mega success. Lots of time slots available to work around the performance schedule that night. Student volunteers get credit towards their service hours. 

Everyone needs a ticket to eat dinner. Do you have yours?
All-You-Can-Eat: $22.50 (Online Reservation Only)
Adults:  $15
Student, Child, Seniors (65+):  $10
Kids Under 5:  Free

Student Performance Schedule:
6:00 pm       Symphonic Band
6:10 pm       Treble Choir
6:20 pm       Symphonic Orchestra
6:30 pm      Men's Ensemble
6:40 pm      Jazz 2
6:55 pm      Women's Chamber
7:05 pm      Fiddle
7:15 pm      Vocal Jazz
7:25 pm      Jazz 1
7:40 pm      Les Miz Cast
7:50 pm      Advanced Chorale
8:00 pm      Chamber Orchestra
8:10 pm      Wind Ensemble
8:20 pm      Concert Choir
8:30 pm      Start clean-up. Adv Chorale, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Choir, & Wind Ensemble students are required to stay until the end & help clean-up.

All Ballard Performing Artists
Yearbook Photos & Solo and Ensemble 

Yearbook Class Photos for Sale: The class photos taken for the yearbook are in and hanging in the classrooms. Proofs will be available to look at and order at the next booster meeting January 30th, and the spaghetti dinner on February 3rd. $10 for each 8X10 photo, cash or check. Make checks payable to "Rowland Studios".

Pit Orchestra Rehearsals: 
Damn Yankees!  pit rehearsals are underway.
HERE is the calendar of rehearsals. Wednesday rehearsals are from 2:30 pm-4:30 pm, Monday and Friday rehearsals are from 3:45 pm-5:45 pm.

Music Course Offering for the 2018-19 school year:  Music Theory, AP (1.0 Fine Arts Credit, open to students in grades 11 and 12)
Course Overview:
This year-long course is for music students who have an interest in learning more about music notation, harmony, tonality, form, scoring, and composition. Students considering a music major or minor in college are encouraged to take this course and students will have the opportunity to receive credit for successful achievement on the Advanced Placement exam. Daily homework is required. 
Contact Brittany Newell if you are interested.

Solo & Ensemble Festival:   Saturday, February 10th  at SPU is the Solo & Ensemble Festival.  Registration for this event closes  January 19th. S tudents should contact a corresponding music teacher to register for a solo or ensemble entry. Solos cost $18 per slot. Checks can be made out to Ballard Performing Arts. Ensemble entry fees are covered by our Performing Arts Booster Club. 
NYC Parent Meeting 

NYC Parent and Chaperone Meeting:
Wednesday, February 7th,  Chaperone Meeting at  6 pm and  Parent Meeting at  6:45 pm.

Chamber Orchestra to NYC: Please see the updated itinerary
The final trip payment of $500 is due on  Wednesday, January 17th. If you have questions regarding your final payment, please email Debbie Anderson or Ms. Newell. Please note the additional fee for online payments. 
NYC Chaperone meeting on Wednesday, February 7th from 6 pm - 7 pm in the music room.
For additional National Orchestra Cup tickets at Lincoln Center  Saturday, March 4th, contact Teina Woodburn.

Nursing Home Performance Opportunity:  Contact Ms. Newell if you'd like to perform with your chamber ensemble or as a soloist for the residents at the Norse Home - 5311 Phinney Ave N, on  Saturday, February 3rd at 1 pm.  Note: this is the same day as the Spaghetti Dinner. 

Northwest Region Strings Event: We need "day-of" parent volunteers,  Tuesday, February 13th
We are looking for:
4-5 to help set up chairs and stands from  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm
1-2 to take photos and short videos during the event
4-5 to help stack and return chairs and stands after the event
3-4 to greet and hand out programs for the event, starting at  6:30 pm
Please email Sylvia Schweinberger or Ms. Newell if you can help.

Call for 6 Chaperones: Symphonic Orchestra Festival Performances
TuesdayMarch 6th, all day - EBMEA Orchestra festival at Ingraham High School 
Saturday, March 17th, all day - Orchestra festival at Western Washington University 
Please email Sylvia Schweinberger or Ms. Newell if you can help.

Chamber Orchestra Preview Concert:  Please join the Chamber Orchestra for a preview concert of their performance of the Shostakovich  Chamber Symphony, op. 110a  on  Monday, February 26th at 7:30 pm  in the Black Box Theater. Help us send this fabulous group off to NYC for their performance and tour; they leave for Lincoln Center on  Wednesday, February 28th !
Final Wind Ensemble Trip Payment Due TODAY!
The third and final payment for Whistler and WMEA is due today, for a total cost of $527.  Please make checks payable to BPA or pay online  here.  If you are unsure of your outstanding balance, please ask your student or contact  Jen Witeck immediately.

NEW - Wind Ensemble Preview Concert on February 6!
Family and friends are cordially invited to the Wind Ensemble's WMEA Performance Preview Concert on  Tuesday, February 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium.  Selected through a competitive audition process, the Wind Ensemble will play pieces from Ticheli, Oquin and Mackey during the prestigious Concert Hour.  As the first SPS high school band to ever perform at the state conference, this is a huge honor for Mr. James, the Wind Ensemble and Ballard High School!  Following the preview concert, we will hold a parent meeting to discuss the WMEA travel itinerary and answer questions.

WMEA Rehearsal Schedule and Travel Itinerary
1/19:  WE Clinic with Dr. Taylor from UBC ( 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm)
1/31:  WE Clinic with Dr. Morris from UPS ( 10:00 am - 3:00 pm) - Bring a sack lunch
2/6:   NEW - Wind Ensemble WMEA Preview Concert and Parent Meeting ( 7:30 pm in the Auditorium)
2/13: NEW - Final WMEA Rehearsal ( 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm)
2/15: Depart BHS for Yakima ( 4:00 pm)
2/16: Estimated Return to BHS from Yakima ( 4:00 pm)

One More Plea for Dads!
Thank you to the men and women who signed up to chaperone the WMEA and Whistler trips.  With your support, we have enough volunteers to cover the Yakima trip!  However, we are still one Dad short for the Whistler trip.  Please sign-up today HERE and help make this trip possible!

PEP Band / Marching Band Schedule
1/19: PEP Band at Basketball Game (Call time  6:30 pm)
2/2:   PEP Band at Basketball Game (Call time  6:30 pm)
2/8:   NEW - Marching Band at BHS Open House (Call time  6:00 pm / Performance  6:30 pm / Dismissed  7:00 pm)

LA Trip Fees 

Reminder LA Trip Fees Overdue: Concert Choir and Advanced Choral, p lease pay by check for $250 made payable to Ballard Performing Arts or pay with a processing fee:  HERE.
BPA At A Glance
    Thank you for the generous support from our sponsors!    

Ballard Performing Arts
  Ballard Performing Arts Booster Club
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