15% Off Sale on the AFR500v2 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor
The AFR500v2 is one of the most trusted pieces of equipment for tuners under $2000! Fast, accurate, flexible, & reliable air fuel ratio measurement. Try it for the first time or pick up an additional unit with this great Black Friday discount.

Take 15% off these systems with coupon code BF20AFR (limit 2 per customer)

Bolt-in and Weld-in Fuel Bulkhead Kits, 20% off
We are now offering a variety of mounting options for our popular fuel tank bulkheads - all custom engineered Ballenger Motorsports exclusives! Choose from bolt-in mounts with a clean anodized finish or weld-in rings in mild or stainless steel and aluminum!

These kits allow you to pass through six signal wires into fuel tanks to power single, or dual pumps and a level sender, through the specified fitting.
Amphenol Duramate Pass-Through Bulkhead Kits, also 20%
Need to feed a series of wires through a firewall neatly and securely? Have a custom job that needs a clean, weather sealed pass-through? We have lots of solutions with more on the way.

Take 20% off ALL fuel and Duramate bulkhead kits with coupon code BF20BULK

Rennsteig PEW12 Professional Grade Handles for Use with Production Quality Crimp Dies - 15% off
Rennsteig production crimp dies are the industry gold-standard when it comes to professional grade crimps for terminals of a specific series. Used with these high quality PEW12 modular handles, it's always a good idea to have a few more around for less changeouts and more productive workflows!

Take 15% off these crimp handles with coupon code BF20PEW

20% Off NTK Calibration Grade Sensors
NTK Calibration Grade Sensors represent the best balance of performance capabilities and price for wideband o2 systems. Used with the AFR500v2 / AFX wideband family, this sensor is ideal for turbo and supercharged applications using e85, e100, methanol, and other alcohol derived fuels. Also a replacement for all L1H1 and L2H2 applications. Grab some this Black Friday with this great promotion!

Take 20% off these sensors with coupon code BF20CAL

40% Blowout Sale on Furukawa Category
We're heavily discounting our entire category of products from Japanese Manufacturer Furukawa this month. With lots of different applications on primarily Japanese vehicles, they are also very often paired with devices made by Hitachi. The mating pairs make for great custom subharness interconnects as well.

Take 40% off these connectors with coupon code BF20FK

50% Off Blowout Sale on Generic Motorcycle Connectors
These generic connector sets have lots of motorcycle applications, most notably Japanese Motorcycles from the 1980's - 2010's. They're also a great, inexpensive solution for quick-connect junctions or replacing mating pair connections that are harder to find or replicate. At deep discount, this is a great opportunity to stock up for versatility on future custom wiring jobs.

Take 50% off these connectors with coupon code BF20MT

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We Have Personal Protective Equipment in Stock
Having fulfilled a successful initiative to reinforce our area hospitals and first responders and in response to state mandates, we're now offering PPE Gear to the public. Masks, gloves, gowns, and 3D printed face shields can now be purchased directly through Ballenger Motorsports!

Racetracks and other motorsport event venues are requiring masks for participation. We can ship directly to the track or with your next parts order.

For any information or bulk purchasing inquiries, please use this dedicated E-Mail address: