What's on Black Friday Deep Discount at Ballenger Motorsports for 2019?
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15% Off Sale on the AFR500v2 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor

The AFR500v2 is one of the most trusted pieces of equipment for tuners under $2000! Fast, accurate, flexible, & reliable air fuel ratio measurement. Try it for the first time or pick up an additional unit with this great Black Friday discount.

Take 15% off these systems through 12/2/19 with coupon code AFRFRI (limit 2 per customer)

15% off All Temperature Sensors!

Whether you need 1 IAT or 100 of everything, we're offering the same discount on any quantity of any item in our temperature sensor categories. Stock up and save for next year's projects!

Take 15% off all sensors in this category through 12/2/19 with coupon code TEMPFRI*

*products with "Special Order" designation or out of stock product subject to exclusion from this promotion.

20% off NTK Calibration Grade Oxygen Sensors!

NTK Calibration Grade Sensors represent the best balance of performance capabilities and price for wideband o2 systems. Used with the AFR500v2 / AFX wideband family, this sensor is ideal for turbo and supercharged applications using e85, e100, methanol, and other alcohol derived fuels. Also a replacement for all L1H1 and L2H2 applications. Grab some this Black Friday with this great promotion!

Take 20% off these sensors through 12/2/19 with coupon code CALFRI

The IGN1A Coil is your go-to product when nothing else will do. This coil has proven itself countless times in the field with some of the most powerful engines & best tuners. The IGN1A is one of the few ignition options for 2500+ HP Methanol applications. It offers the perfect combination of extremely high spark energy and long spark duration. These smart coils need no external ignitor and can be controlled by most ECUs.

Thru 12/2/19, take 20% off these coils with coupon code COILFRI

10% Siemens DEKA IV Mototron 220lb/hour Low Impedance Gas & Flex Fuel Injectors

Over the past few years, these highly sought injectors had all but vanished from the global market in favor of other production priorities. We are thrilled to have them back in regular supply! These injectors will allow you to run methanol, ethanol and other flex fuels with fewer injectors for high horsepower applications. Don't settle for questionable modified high flow injectors when you can have Genuine Siemens quality and performance with these injectors. These injectors are perfectly suited for extreme horsepower, turbo & supercharged applications.

Take 10% off these injectors through 12/2/19 with coupon code DEKAFRI

MXm is a compact-sized dash logger designed for racers needing all the essential information to monitor their vehicle behavior and improve their performance.

It has been designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the internal GPS receiver, analog/digital inputs and predefined math channels.  Expansion modules can be incorporated for even further data analysis.

We're running a special promotion for call-in only on Cyber Monday (12/2/19) - Call 804-915-7201 for more details! (While supplies last)

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