Hello Ballet Families, 

As we come to this time of year when temperatures begin to rise again, I would like to remind you all of our ballet dress code. In the winter with cooler temperatures we tend to allow warm-ups to ensure dancers' bodies are warm to prevent injuries. Hopefully, the cooler temperatures are behind us, and we will be expecting dancers to arrive ready for class in their ballet uniform, sans warm-ups. Dress code is an essential part of ballet class, and I have included quotes from a few instructors who expressed why dress code is crucial to ballet training. All dancers will be expected to adhere to the below dress code when attending their ballet class(es). 

“By holding yourself accountable when it comes to dress code for ballet class you are actively enabling yourself to look and feel confident in any and all professional dance settings. You also communicate to your instructors that you respect your work and are up for a new challenge. Adhering to dress code is the simplest way to prepare your body and mind for any outside opportunity that might arise.” -Mrs. Emily Lofton; Ballet at Balance Instructor 
Girls will wear color-coded leotards (dependent on ballet level), pink footed tights (worn underneath the leotard), and pink ballet shoes. Sports bras may be worn under the leotard as long as they are not distracting (ie, no decorative straps across the back, bright colors/designs) and either the leotard color and shade, or a tan sports bra with clear straps, to maintain the lines of the leotard. Boys will wear a white, black, or level colored fitted t-shirt with black leggings, joggers, or shorts. They will need white socks, and black ballet shoes.  
Level 1 Grape |Level 2 Royal Blue |Level 3 Black Cherry |Level 4 Navy |Level 5 Black
Dancers are to wear their level ballet color to all ballet classes, even if they are stepping into a mixed level class or a lower level class (as makeup/extra class). This helps the instructors to be aware of the level of each individual dancer in the class, enabling them to give each dancer the best class possible. 
Balance leotards are available for purchase through the front desk. Youth sized leotards are $25 each and adult sized leotards are $30 each. If the leotard size is unavailable at the front desk, dancers will be asked to wear a solid color leotard to class until our stock is replenished. 
Hair should be worn in a clean and neat bun, taking care to ensure that dancer’s hair is out of the face/eyes, is secure and will not come undone in the middle of class. If hair is too short for a bun, please secure hair out of the face with headbands and bobby pins.

Jewelry: Only stud earrings will be allowed; no other jewelry should be worn. Watches, including smart watches, are not permitted. 
This month we are also very excited to announce the establishment of our own ballet company, Austin Youth Classical Ballet for the 2021-2022 season! If your dancer has a love for ballet and is looking for ways to expand their training and performance opportunities, this is it! 

Austin Youth Classical Ballet stands as an offering to all students seeking a rigorous pre-professional ballet company experience. 
As a company, Austin Youth Classical Ballet strives to provide more in depth ballet training which directly complements its dancers weekly class work. Company dancers will have more performative and competitive opportunities than those on a recreational path.

Austin Youth Classical Ballet will hold auditions for dancers L3 and up on Wednesday, May 26th from 5pm-7:30pm.
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