Balloon Fiesta Event Update - April 2, 2021

The 49th Balloon Fiesta will launch in 6 months launching October 2-10.
In past years, we've started selling tickets six months prior to the start of Balloon Fiesta. This year, that date would have been April 2. We're going to wait until July 2 to sell tickets this year so that we, and you, will have more details about travel and what conditions may be applied to Balloon Fiesta.

Balloon Fiesta’s leadership has been working with the State of New Mexico to develop COVID Safe Practices (CSPs) that will enable outdoor festivals and in particular Balloon Fiesta to operate safely.

As always, Balloon Fiesta is committed to provide a safe opportunity to enjoy the balloons. Our leadership is working to understand and adhere to the State of New Mexico’s Public Health Orders.

The event staff, with guidance from medical professionals, have identified and will continue to discover public health measures that will be needed based on existing and anticipated requirements for our Event. We plan to provide that information by the time tickets go on sale July 2, 2021. The measures will continue to be updated as conditions evolve.

In preparation for our Mass Ascension launch on October 2, Balloon Fiesta officials are finalizing the list of pilots who will be invited to fly in the 49th event. The event is on track to launch more than 600 hot air balloons during the nine-day event.

Listen to Paul Smith, the executive director of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and Sam Parks, the Director of Operations for the Balloon Fiesta on the new Balloon Fiesta Podcast –
A view from Lift-Off Lane. Paul and Sam talk about planning for the 49th event, public health orders, balloon pilot registrations and a new “ascension” at this year’s event: Click Here
Save The Date
Join us October 2-10, 2021, for the 49th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta presented by Canon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 2021 theme is "Time Flies!" Start your planning for the festivities which all start on Saturday, October 2, and include the awe-inspiring Mass Ascension! Here is a link to the 2021 event schedule:
Visitor and Travel Links

Below are two links Balloon Fiesta guests and visitors will find useful. When reviewing county-by-county information, note that Albuquerque is in Bernalillo County.

For more information about the current State of New Mexico Public Health Order please visit:

For more information about the county-by-county framework that permits counties – and the businesses and nonprofit entities within their borders – to operate under less restrictive public health measures when health metrics demonstrating the extent of the virus’ spread and test positivity within those counties are met, click here:
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