Official statement on the passage of the anti-leaflet law by the National Assembly of Korea

From the Rev. Dr. Eric Foley, CEO of Voice of the Martyrs Korea

"After nearly 20 years of doing North Korea ministry, we have learned the importance of focusing on today’s work and not worrying about tomorrow’s. No balloons are ever successfully launched in December. Thus, our focus today is completely on the many unique opportunities winter brings to partner with underground Christians to share the message of Jesus with North Koreans wherever they are found. When summer comes and the winds blow north, at that time we will continue to do what we are doing today: Carry out the work God gives us, submitting to the authorities are far as possible, and willingly and joyfully accepting the consequences.”

Faith is Trust in All of the Promises of God

In the Bible, faith is trust in all of the promises of God. Faith is not biblical when it emphasizes only a “subset” of biblical promises that match our personal interests, circumstances, or understanding.

Today, evangelists often single out one promise of God—e.g., “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?”—and portray it as the sole test of faith.  

Others build ministries focused on healing or prosperity . . .

INDONESIA: 4 Christians Dead, 750 Displaced As Terrorists Burn 7 Homes, Church 

Workers from Voice of the Martyrs in Sulawesi, Indonesia are aiding Christians there in the aftermath of an IS-affiliated terrorist attack on November 27. Terrorists murdered 4 Christians, burned 7 homes including a Salvation Army prayer room, and displaced 750 Christians in the village of Lewonu Lembantongoa.

Around 8am on Friday November 27, terrorists allegedly affiliated with IS set the Salvation Army prayer room on fire, before killing Salvation Army Captain Arnianto, Lieutenant Abram Kako and his wife, and another Christian identified as Mrs. Mpapa.
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Pray with Mr. Ko for the Salvation of Kim Jong Un – The NK students of our two training schools (UT/UU) have a great burden for their family, friends, and kinfolk who are still in NK – although they rarely pray for Kim Jong Un. UT student Mr. Ko believes it is important to pray for him. Please pray with NK defector Mr. Ko for the salvation of Kim Jong Un and for the family and friends of our UT students still in NK. 

Pray for Chinese Christians who already received a “Sunday School in a Box.” We are thankful that the distribution of the boxes are now completed. Now, families are actively reading the Bible and watching the Bible videos that were included in each box. Pray that God’s Word would have its desired effect in each person that hears and reads the Word of God through these boxes.