June 23, 2020
Balloons illegal - What will VOMK do now?
For the PPU
We are praising God for your continued faithfulness in praying and supporting the ministry of VOMK!
This is especially important in light of the recent criminalization of balloon launching in South Korea.
In the past, we’ve been surrounded by 100 police officers and we’ve also launched while guns were pointed directly at us.

Now, the government is designating
certain “launching areas” to be danger zones and threatening up to one-year in jail and a $10,000 fine for anyone caught launching.
Read the below article to learn why the SK/NK governments want us to stop balloon launching and why we will continue.

Warmly in Christ,

Pastor & Dr. Foley

Two years later, balloon launching has been declared a crime in South Korea. It has been declared a crime not because it is inherently a dangerous activity. Instead, it has been declared a crime because...

Click on the above picture to watch a 20 second video of us sending a balloon to North Korea that is filled with Bibles. Watch Here
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Pray for a new NK discipleship student at one of our bases:   VOM Korea has discipleship bases in China and other countries where NKs are found. Recently, a new NK at one of our bases asked us to pray that he can memorize as much of the Bible as possible so that he can bring God's word back to North Korea.

Pray for our partners to faithfully continue discipling NKs: Sometimes, the governments where our partners are located enforce quarantine rules, travel restrictions, roadblocks, or other hindrances. Please pray for wisdom for our partners as they seek to continue discipleship in the midst of these difficult circumstances.