A note from Adrienne Núñez, BQ Study Chair:
Hi all!
On Sunday we will be holding our first consensus meeting ! Exciting!

  • I’ll walk us through the materials and information provided by the League and help keep us focused during discussion. Here a few things to consider prior and during the meeting:

  • Marie is bringing some snacks—yay!

  • Approx. 5 printed copies of the Study Guide will be available at the meeting. If you feel that you need a hard copy of the study guide, please print yourself or reach out to me or Marie for assistance. (The slideshow will be projected, but does not contain all the details of the study guide.)

  • If you have your Red Voter Guides from the last election, please bring them along. We’ll try to have a copy printed and have a digital version to project for the group.

  • Let’s all plan to keep our comments concise so that anyone who cares to voice opinion has the opportunity to do so and we stay on schedule.

Special thanks to Jean Cherdack who will be attending and helping us along.

Thanks all! See you Sunday!