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Get excited! The LinkUS initiative will be on the ballot in fall of 2024. 

In his State of the City address, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther spoke about the plans, saying: “We are working to expand access to jobs, health care and other vital services by promoting rapid, reliable and affordable transportation throughout the region — particularly within our high-growth corridors.” 

In the meantime, we’re making moves in each LinkUS corridor! 

This is the first corridor scheduled to be built as part of LinkUS, connecting people to 95,000 jobs by 2040! We track engineering design progress from zero to 100 percent, with 100 meaning that we’re ready for construction. Right now, the West Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor engineering design is approximately 30 percent complete and is expected to reach 60 percent by the end of 2023. 

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The East Main Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor is hot on the heels of West Broad, with engineering design rapidly reaching 30 percent. This corridor includes 11 different Columbus neighborhoods, stretching from Downtown to Reynoldsburg. Once completed, East Main will have 100,000 jobs and economic opportunities within a half-mile radius of the stations!

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Detailed engineering is underway now that the Northwest corridor has an adopted Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) plan. 

Over the next year, engineers, planners and other project team members will develop the BRT design in accordance with the process prescribed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). This includes things like where stations will be located and how BRT works with other lanes for different modes of transportation. Engineering design is expected to reach 30 percent by mid-2024.

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Downtown is where the magic happens. Multiple integrated planning efforts are underway to determine how BRT routes will interact, making it easier to walk, bike and ride transit: 

Stay tuned for more information as these studies are finalized and published! 

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