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A recent study used email correspondence testing to find that same-sex male couples, especially non-white male couples, were less likely to receive a response to inquiries about rental units advertised on Craigslist.
A new rule proposed in Baltimore City Council would ban source of income discrimination by landlords in an effort to protect low-income tenants who use housing vouchers.
The Minneapolis City Council passed a plan that will gradually end single-family zoning, which advocates say could help increase affordability and stem the displacement of low-income residents in gentrifying areas. Single-family zoning has contributed to racial and economic segregation throughout the country.
Bike-sharing programs have grown in popularity, but the lack of accessible options raises questions about the barriers that people with disabilities face while participating in city life as well as the legal reach of the ADA.
A 2016 Pew survey found that only 40 percent of disabled Americans feel comfortable using the internet, compared to 80 percent of able-bodied users. “It’s a crime that the most versatile device on the planet—the computer—has not adapted well to people who need help."
Delta announced that it will ban all emotional support animals on flights longer than 8 hours and will ban all service and support animals under four months of age on flights no matter the duration. 
A recent small-scale study found that physicians lack familiarity with, knowledge of, and training on the specific medical needs of transgender patients. This could be due to the failure of medical schools to educate students about gender and sexual minority health.
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