City of Rosenberg News Update
Bamore Road Expansion Ribbon Cutting Held
On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the City of Rosenberg held a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the opening of the new Bamore Road expansion project. Bamore Road is now complete throughout the City, stretching from Spur 529 on the north side of the City, under US-59/I-69, south to Stella Road.
The Bamore Road Expansion was a collaboration between the City of Rosenberg and Fort Bend County as a Fort Bend County Mobility Project. This phase of the project expanded Bamore Road from two lanes to a four lane thoroughfare with a raised center median between US-59/I-69 to Stella Road at a total cost of $1,860,963.70. The City was responsible for the engineering design costs at $245,738, and Fort Bend County paid the full amount of the change order to accommodate the future Epicenter’s turn lanes totaling $83,930. The remainder of the construction costs were evenly split between the City and the County for a total of $765,647.85 each with the County’s portion provided by the 2017 Fort Bend County Mobility Project Bonds. Funding from both the 2000 and 2007 Fort Bend County Mobility Bond Projects was previously used to help complete the sections from US-59/I-69 north to Spur 529.
“This is one of many projects focused on improving mobility for our residents and visitors in our growing City,” said City Manager John Maresh. “The Bamore Road project started many years ago. We sincerely thank the former City and County officials for having the vision, foresight and commitment to long-range planning to make this project into what it has materialized into today.”

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Pictured L-R: Rigo Calzoncin (City of Rosenberg), David Stredick (Rosenberg), Dan Reynolds (Tandem Services, Project Contractor), Melissa Pena (Rosenberg), City Council Member Casias (Rosenberg), Commissioner Morales (Fort Bend County), Judge George (Fort Bend County), Mayor Raines (Rosenberg), Commissioner DeMerchant (Fort Bend County), City Council Member Morales (Rosenberg), City Manager John Maresh (Rosenberg), Jason Kaspar (CivilCorp, Project Engineer) Dwayne Grigar (Fort Bend County), and Assistant City Manager Joyce Vasut (Rosenberg).
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