Utah Parents United Community Outreach Director, Gloria Vindas, made National News this week by exposing the the divisive theories being taught in Utah's schools right now.
We want cultural diversity. We want to be inclusive. We want to teach students how to love other cultures, but Critical Race Theory undermines those goals.
The Utah State Legislature has called a Special Session on May 19th. This is a golden opportunity for us to ask them to ban this type of philosophy.

Legislation addressing this Critical Race Theory is being considered in nearly a dozen states and other Governors have either already signed or intend to sign the legislation. 
These states are protecting and enforcing the Civil Rights Act by banning CRT indoctrination in their state’s pK-12 schools. 
Critical Race Theory curriculum and Racial Equity Training will mandate and institutionalize a new form of racism in our schools and society.
This is NOT the Utah way.  
Our State Legislature and Governor must step forward and correct this problem. Teaching children that a discriminating against one race is a compensatory remedy for past racial discrimination is not acceptable.
Critical Race Theory and Racial Equity Training in every form must be banned from public schools on a legislative level BEFORE school begins in the fall. 

Call, email, or text your legislators and the Governor and ask them to please address this important issue during the upcoming Special Legislative session. Be brief, be respectful and be relevant. Stay on point. Let them know you are a constituent and that you do not want this taught in schools.

Go to click on "My Legislators"

Enter your address to find your House Representative and Senator. Please contact them both!

Sample email:
Subject Line: Please Ban CRT in Schools during the May 19th Special Session
Dear Representative/Senator,
My name is (Insert your name) and I am a registered voter in your district. I do not believe CRT should be taught in Utah Schools and I'm asking you to pass legislation to BAN CRT DRUING THE SPECIAL SESSION ON MAY 19TH BEFORE SCHOOL RESUMES IN THE FALL.

Thank you,
(Sign your name here)

Call: 801-538-1000

Remind him that he ran on the premise that he is "Utah's Home Grown" and we want him to represent Utah's home grown values that we hold dear! Ask him to support legislation that bans Critical Race Theory in Utah schools.
The Utah State Board of Education recently conducted a highly controversial "Equity" Training for Charter School Teachers and Administrators that labels children as either "victims" or "oppressors," which falls under the umbrella term of "Critical Race Theory" or "CRT." We believe this type of training is very divisive and will not bring people together.

If you are unfamiliar with CRT this public comment is an excellent introduction. We encourage parents to further educate themselves on what is being taught in their schools. 
Find out when your next school board meeting is and connect with other parents in your school district by joining your local parents united school district group. Click here to find the group in your school district.