Week of 2/16/20
ROHSBOB Weekly Announcements
This Week

  • 2/17-18: Mid-winter Break

  • 2/17-22: B&O Disney 2020 trip!!! See trip details and updates on the DISNEY web page (and below).

  • Meeting Minutes from last week's ROHSBOB meeting are available HERE.

Last-Minute Disney 2020 News!!!

‘Twas the night before Disney and all through the house, students and parents were madly packing for their visit to the mouse…

Here are your last-minute reminders:

Don't miss the bus! Meeting time is at 8:30 AM for everyone. Water is the only approved drink on the bus. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle to fill up from the jugs on the bus and at the Disney Parks. Thank you for all who donated bus items!

For Our Chaperones:
  • In the Brightspark bags given out, there is a new itinerary and final Monday instructions. These bags were meant for the chaperones as well, but we're not sure that all chaperones received theirs. 
  • Please make sure Jon Liu has all chaperone cell phone numbers
  • Reminder: No ROHS parking without a school permit, but parking is available for the week at John Lindell Ice Arena across the street. You may park at the far east or west ends of the parking lot and you must give your license plate number to the Lindell arena staff so that they know not to tow your vehicle.
  • We encourage our chaperones to post trip updates and photos on ROHSBOB Facebook. Thanks!

A Change in Plans... We are now ALL going to Disney Springs to support the Orchestra performance, then heading to Disney Hollywood Studios. So if you reserved a Fastpass at the Studios before noon, better go change it!

Check out the REVISED Itinerary, Dress Requirements and Meeting Instructions  HERE ! Every document and Remind message that has been distributed and disseminated is also on the Boosters' website (www.rohsbob.org). Please review the DISNEY 2020 page one more time to see the trip policies and procedures.

The Packing List is HERE . Remember, y ou will have  TWO bags :
  1. Your "main" medium sized suitcase: This will contain most of your clothing for the week. Once this is put in the luggage compartment of the bus Monday morning, you will not have access to it until after check-in at the hotel Tuesday afternoon/evening. Please do NOT OVERPACK! There are only three luggage holds for the luggage AND EQUIPMENT for over 100 people. Make certain your luggage tag is on your bag!
  2. Your "carry on" or "Bus" bag:  This bag will be with you every time you are on the bus. This bag should have whatever you want for Tuesday morning (change of clothes including blue trip t-shirt, deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.), snacks, reading material, music with headphones, water, etc. Make sure any medications you need are in this bag for Monday night/Tuesday morning. This bag must also contain your Brightspark bag and the Official Trip T-Shirt for use at Animal Kingdom on Tuesday.

The Orlando weather forecast for next week as of now:
  • Tuesday: H-86 L-66
  • Wednesday: H-86 L-67
  • Thursday: PARADE DAY H-75 L-55, 30% chance of rain late in the day
  • Friday: ORCHESTRA PERFORMANCE OUTDOOR STAGE H-65 L-55…wait, what?!?!? Well, I’m still wearing shorts…

And, with that, it’s time to go! Soarin’ to Tower, we are cleared for takeoff! See you in Lake Buena Vista!

Mark Your Calendar

  • 2/26/20: Pre-Festival Clinic/Concert at ROHS Auditorium (SB 3:30 p,m; WE 4:15 p.m; SO 5 p.m; 8th Grade Band 5:45 pm.)

  • 2/29/20: MSBOA Symphony Orchestra (strings only) performing at 1:15pm at Birmingham Groves High School
Check the ROHSBOB  CALENDAR  for upcoming events!
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