Week of 2/23/20
ROHSBOB Weekly Announcements
This Week

  • 2/26: Pre-Festival Clinic/Concert at ROHS Auditorium (SB 3:30 p,m; WE 4:15 p.m; SO 5 p.m; 8th Grade Band 5:45 pm.)

  • 2/29: MSBOA Symphony Orchestra (strings only) performing at 1:15pm at Birmingham Groves High School

Disney 2020 Recap

It takes a lot to pull off a trip like this. We need and have an amazing support team “at base” to provide supplies and help with loading and unloading. But the heavy lifting ultimately goes to the chaperones that look after the students out in the field.

Going into this Disney trip, I would get generally the same reaction from people when they found out I was chaperoning: “I’m sorry.” You laugh it off and let it go as small talk, but my true belief has always been, “No, I’m sorry that you don’t get to experience this.”

The chaperones eventually become a team united in looking after these kids. That creates a pretty deep bond. We’re always going to see each other at school functions or around town and share a knowing nod or a reminiscence if we have time.

Mostly, we’ll remember getting to know these students and proudly watching them prepare and perform. We’ll remember sharing in their excitement as they told us what rides they rode, shows they saw, pictures they got, and how they felt. For many of these kids, this was their first time at Disney World and we got to share in that too.

They also experienced one other really cool thing. They know secrets of Disney World that many other people won’t know. They’ve been backstage and have seen what’s “behind the Magic.” Disney guards those secrets quite aggressively, because no magician wants to reveal how the trick is done. Disney also knows that for the Royal Oak Raven Band and Orchestra to participate in creating the Magic, they need to get back there and see it. If they go back to the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT Center in the future, they’ll point to certain doors and say “I know what’s back there, and you’ll never know!”

Magic isn’t only Disney’s domain. It’s also what happens when a community comes together. During the parade and the Disney Springs performance, Royal Oak made their presence known.

It’s such a charge to run into people you know when you’re far from home. To see families, staff, even the superintendent come together all in one place for one day to watch our kids shine a thousand miles from home is magic Disney can’t do. It’s what *we* bring to the table.

Every step of the parade, the kids could see people from home cheering them on. Every glance in any direction from the Disney Springs stage saw a proud Royal Oak family watching them perform.

This trip meant a lot to everyone that went on it. Everything from simply signing up, to buying snacks, to forming a huge cheering section in Orlando was an important piece of it. We thank you for making this trip happen and helping provide memories that will last a lifetime. - Jon Liu, ROHSBOB President

P.S. We encourage everyone to check out (and post) their trip photos and videos on our Royal Oak High School Band and Orchestra Boosters Facebook . Here are just a few of our memories...
Mark Your Calendar

  • 3/5: Parent-Teacher Conferences from 4-7pm

  • 3/10: B&O Boosters’ meeting at 7 pm in the band room (All parents and students welcome!)

  • 3/11: All City Orchestra Concert, 7 p.m., ROMS gym for all orchestras. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! SIGN UP here.​

  • 3/17: All City Band Concert, 7 p.m., ROHS gym for all bands. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. SIGN UP coming soon!

  • 3/21: MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble (South Lyon High School)

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