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March 19th, 2019
Cast of  Little Shop of Horrors  profiled on 107.3 FM
107.3 Community Radio produced an in-depth radio story highlighting Ballard High School’s sci-fi, comedy musical  Little Shop of Horrors .  Radio host Elaine Womack interviewed students Caroline Harader and Riley Stowell, plus theatre director Shawn Riley.
Little Shop Bake Sale
Donate a treat for our performances of Little Shop of Horrors and help raise funds for the theatre program. Sign up to donate, sell flowers, or kudos at the performances.

Elliott Bay Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Elliott Bay Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival this past weekend. Our Ballard students had wonderful performances and the highest participation of any school. In addition, seven soloists and six ensembles won their categories and will advance to the state competition this April:  

  • Matt Watanabe - Tuba
  • Max Levy - Bass Clarinet
  • Clara Propst - Soprano
  • Renee McGeough - Alto
  • Gabe Zuniga - Tenor
  • Gavin Bradler - Baritone
  • Daniel Windus - Bass
  • Claire Burreson and James Kerrigan - Small Mixed Ensemble
  • Chamber Singers - Large Mixed Ensemble
  • Women's Chamber Choir - Large Soprano/Mezzo/Alto Ensemble
  • Men's Quartet - Small Tenor/Baritone/Bass Ensemble
  • Men's Ensemble - Large Tenor/Baritone/Bass Ensemble
  • Sophomore Ensemble – Small Percussion
  • Low Brass Brigade - Large Brass Ensemble
  • Kate Inge, 2nd Alternate – Flute-Piccolo
  • Andreas de la Jara, 2nd Alternate – Clarinet
  • James Shepard, 1st Alternate – Trumpet
  • Jarin Synnestvedt, 2nd Alternate – Trombone
  • Josie Carscadden, 2nd Alternate – Snare Drum
  • Margaux Daniel, 1st Alternate – Mezzo Soprano
  • James Kerrigan, 1st Alternate – Tenor Voice
  • Riley Stowell, 1st Alternate – Baritone Voice
  • Roscoe McDonald, 1st Alternate – Bass Voice
  • Owain Weinart, 2nd Alternate – Bass Voice
  • Sax Quartet, 1st Alternate – Small Woodwinds
  • Five Fantabulous French Horns, 1st Alternate – Large Brass
  • Huh?, 1st Alternate – Large Percussion
  • John and Brendon Duet, 1st Alternate – Small Percussion
  • Small String Quartet, 2nd Alternate – Small Strings
  • Mixed Duet, 1st Alternate – Small Mixed Vocal
Class Photos
Did you order a class photo? 
The pictures will be available for pick up at the March 26th Boosters Meeting.

Last chance to order is March 26th. Send the payment in before the due date. Photos arrive 2-3 weeks after the order.
Outstanding Fees
Deposits for the Vancouver BC trip in May are past due. If your student plans to attend please send in the deposit. We need to make our final payment to the festival.The final payment is due April 2nd.
There are outstanding camp fees, annual fee and past due candy money. Please get these issues cleared up now, before the BC trip.
  • WMEA Results
  • Donation + Volunteers Needed
  • Pep Band for Running of the Beavers
  • Disney Update

Get all the details:
Elliott Bay Choir Festival: Treble Choir, Advanced Chorale and Concert Choir need chaperones to ride the bus and spend the day with students at Roosevelt High School on March 26th. We still need chaperones. If your student is new to choir, it is a delightful day full of music. You won't regret spending the day with the students.
Email Felicia with questions or to volunteer.

Final Vancouver Trip Fees Due: Advanced Chorale and Concert Choir trip fees are due April 2nd. The total student fee is $475. The fee for chaperones is $320. Please pay HERE.

BHS Choral Showcase : On April 3rd we showcase Ballard choirs to the middle and elementary schools. We need volunteers to help at the event.
  • Set-up Crew
  • Bake Sale Helpers
  • Clean-up Crew
Sign up to help HERE
Final Vancouver Trip Fees Due: Orchestra trip fees are due April 2nd. The total student fee is $475. The fee for chaperones is $320. Please pay HERE.

Bake Sale: Since you are already coming to the show, consider bringing a baked good or helping out in the lobby. You will still be able to see the whole show. Sign up.

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